Clutch HT clutch slips when turning motor over


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7:33 AM
Apr 13, 2008
wondering if this is normal.

I can pop the clutch at 5 mph or 15 mph but it just grinds, slowing the bike down ferociously, for a second or two before catching and turning the motor over.

The motor, bless it, starts within nanoseconds of being turned over.

Clutch holds great under power. Lever is adjusted to engage clutch at half travel. Clutch arm has more travel than lever gives it but it's more in the released position, which is fine with me. IOW my cable is in the sweet spot.

Wondering if anyone else has this quirk.

About 20% of the time, especially when hot, the motor catches right on the pop and that's a world of fun. Sometimes get a little wheelie out of it. Seems like the way it should be.

Have ~80 miles on the kit so far, have the standard 44ish tooth sprocket and it's an ebay "80cc" version.

Have read about undoing the cover and tightening a nut, does this sound right? Like some sort of preload?
The cure was way easier than I expected and I didn't even get my hands greasy. Maybe b/c the gearbox was practically dry, LOL. Threw a dollop of grease in, not too much of course.

Anyway I locked the clutch lever in the depressed position, took off the passenger side cover, undid the little jam screw, and turned the "daisy" clockwise about 200 degrees, slightly more than half a turn.

Now when I pop the clutch it either locks up the rear tire (fine-- I can get those at walmart-- hate to wear down these "wierd" special order mail order parts) or instantly starts the motor (super!)