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    Below are pictures of a clutch mechs. from a disposed HT by a frustratted ex MB rider, he simply had enough after 2 engines, both had clutch seizures, the 2nd was brand new 70cc engine.
    He said the new engine ran for 1 minute and the clutch seiezed.
    I have that engine, it certainly looks new.

    In the pic on the right is a brand new clutch assembly that's never yet been used.
    It's useless, because the shaft is buckled, the large gear wobbles.
    There is no exchange or refund, so I'm stuck with it as a paper weight for now.

    Next to it is a dismembered "seized" clutch assembly from that brand new HT 70cc
    The lack of qaulity on these components where it matters is beyond comprehension.
    It's as if they were machined with a blunt lathe tool and assembled lightly with grease.
    Meaning the slide mechanisms feel as if it's full of sand and actually jam up

    Some HT clutch operations are smoother than others, this is probbaly the reason why.

    The bit next to the tip of thje screwdriver, I don't know what it is, it had to be lightly tapped out.
    It could be a spacer between the bearing and the push rod.

    This problem of seized clutch operation can be fixed, all you may need to do is smooth it all out. Very simple to do.

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    What brand are these defective engines sold under?
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    There is no brand name, no ID. Just the usual garden variety HT.
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    A stiff clutch lever action could be caused by slide ring jamming up on the shaft, (section shown between the 2 caliper points).
    The "machineing/lathe work", seems to be part of the thread, there are thread lines prior to the lock ring threads, hence that gritty feel of the slide action.
    It's that section which can be smoothed out with whatever till the slide ring runs smooth like it ought to.
    I wonder how many HT's are out there and this slide section has no grease !

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    gee this is real usefull bolts. When i get my hands on a puller tool i'm going to rebuild my clutch, so that it works jus the way it should.

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    Clutch Ring Gear Wobble

    Seems as though EVERONE discovers that the large clutch ring gear of the 66cc 2stroke chinese engines WOBBLE. This is what I've been reading so far. So I took apart my new, never run engine (albeit manufactured in late 2009) and it too has a wobbly clutch ring gear. And the 56 ball bearings (looks like there is space enough for 2 more) are DRY. I'll bet its designed that way so as to shed whatever particulates from the wear of the clutch pads; and if there is any grease on the ball bearings then they CAN'T shed the contaminating particulates because the particles will stick to the grease, thereby DESTROYING the BALL BEARINGS !! The wobble probably helps throw out the particulates also.

    Am I right or what ?? Some chinese engineer or maybe Mr. Grubee PLEASE FESS UP:dunce::idea::ack2::sweatdrop::whistling::thinking::(:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: