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    ok, so i purchased a "ht" engine and am using it on a not so average bike. the bike i'm using has very limited space near the magneto, so no room for the usual recoil start kit, but there is plenty of room on the gear reduction side (an inch or so between the frame and engine).
    now you are probably thinking, why not push start it like normal? as much as i would like to, it doesn't seem possible, i have changed the gear ratio so that i am geared for 15mph, as you can all guess that low gearing makes push starting a pain, or impossible. so far this is what i can think of:

    1. electric start
    -too expensive, takes up space, and adds weight, so no
    2. recoil start
    -cheep, looks fine
    3. kick start
    -complicated, but if setup properly would be a cool feature
    4. recoil/kick start
    -simple, still cool, but not as cool as the normal kick start
    5. change gear ratio
    - could be very good option, but i'm not sure how far i would need to go, and i want to keep a good bit of power for going up hills.

    very easy, drill hole in side cover, attach shaft to engine crank(not as hard as you would think), mount bicycle free-wheel on shaft, bolt pulley with rope and spring onto free-wheel, maybe even make a cover out of sheet metal.

    kick start:
    A. i can mount a free wheel on the crankshaft(above method), then make my own reduction using chains and sprockets.
    -complicated, and possible requires more space than i have, but looks awesome!
    B. mount free wheel to clutch plate, then install double kick stand to lift rear tire off ground while starting (clutch must be engaged to start engine using this method)
    -would be pretty cool, but having to lift the thing on kick stands would be kinda lame....
    c. i can mount the kick start lever onto a section of a gear, or a sprocket and make something like this,
    or this,
    -kinda complicated, may not look great(make a cover?), might take too muchup space.

    make a recoil, then run the rope through a bunch of pulleys to a kick start lever.
    -wouldn't look too awesome, probably not worth it, better to just use a recoil.

    so far the best options i can think of are:
    1.recoil start
    -gets the job done in the most simple way possible.
    2. kick start, option "C":
    -looks awesome (with a cover), only thing i have to check for is if i have the space, but i'm pretty sure i do.
    3. change the ratio, the simplest method, but not sure how drastic of a change in ratio i would need to make, but still may be worth trying first.

    anyway, i'm just looking to see if anyone has any ideas on how i could get my engine started?

    i'm not quite sure how this works exactly, looks like a sprocket attached to the lever pulls a section off chain which pulls on a sprocket on the engine,
    anyone one got any ideas/more info

    thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

    oh, and here is the bike in question to help y'all visualize things! ;)

    EDIT: that is a, ummm large post, extra thanks to anyone who reads the whole thing :D

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    It's simple, install a wide pedal kit available from several sources online and then you'll have room for the pull start. Not the most reliable, but you can always carry a spare and a small tool kit. Everything else sounds horribly complicated.