HT engine whine normal?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by atomicmiata, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. atomicmiata

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    newbie here,
    the engine (HT 2 stroke 80cc boygo fast) sounds good when accelerating, but when I back off the throttle the engine whines something terrible like a piece of farm equipment!
    is this normal?

    steve in frderick, md

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    Normal is a relative term. The clutch side gears do whine a lot, at least they do on my bike and I have seen some worse than others. I might suggest that you open the clutch over and put small amounts of a good quality grease on the teeth of the gears. You can also check and see if the gears maybe rubbing on the cover, all mine have. You can also get a clutch cover, these can be made out of any sound deadening material or some have even used neoprene mouse pads. We also sell them on our site.
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    It doesn't sound particularly normal to me(IF it's excessive)
    Take your clutch cover off the right-hand-side & make sure either of those 2 intermeshing gears arn't touching the inside of the cover(you'll see scrape marks if either gear is)......lube the gears while your there(grease mixed with graphite powder)
    Dunno how many miles you've done but it takes around 200/250 to reach a level if consistency.
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    I will look inside the clutch cover tomorrow.
    only 50 miles so far...
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    NP man...Ghost0 said exactly the same thing but he's a quicker typist than me. :)
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    Well at least we are on the same page.:grin:

  7. whine/squeaking your hearing Is the cheap China Gears.

    You can try different Things ..Gluing Mouse Pads Over the cover .
    One of the best easy fix i do is .It wont fix in Completely BUT you will hear a noticeable improvement.

    Here at Blue-Collar ..We call it a clutch Muffler :grin:

    Take the 5 screws off the clutch cover Lay on a cardboard box.
    Trace the outside of the Clutch cover and cut the inside of your trace.
    Place inside And tighten all hardware. It will not do any damage or soak up grease from gears.
    I have been doing this for over 6 years with pretty good results.
    What your doing is taking up space the gears have to amplify the gear sound.
    Sort of like A drummer Putting a pillow in a drum head.

    Hope this helps.



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    That will work with some engine kits and not on others. There are 2 different castings for the clutch cover. One is narrow and one is wider. This will work on the wider one but not on the thinner ones.
  9. Then you could use thinner Cardboard.
    Like A pizza Box.:smile:
    Clutch plate Being made of steel will dimple or place a imprint into the cardboard .
    I have used different kinds of Motors and have yet seen one that did not have room for the thicker cardboard.
    It is so simple and cheap it wouldn't hurt to cut a piece and give it a try.

    hope this helps.

    Cheers All:smile:

  10. arceeguy

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    For a lot of old car and motorcycle enthusiasts, gear whine is "nostalgic" and is accepted as normal. Considering that the design of these engines dates back to 50's, it isn't surprising that the gearbox isn't quiet as a mouse. Manufacturing tolerances are also apparently pretty wide, which doesn't help things out!
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    Wouldn't worry about the noise to much - from what I have read here.

    Nature of the beast ???

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Seems like there is plenty of whining about Happy Times around here...doesn't seem at all normal to me. :cool:
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    My engine whines also, but it's the clutch, do I put anything in the hole that the clutch cable holder screws into?
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    The only thing that whines should be your girlfriend, cause you're always out riding - and she's at home watching Dr. Phil.

    Please dont delete this (again) mods, I really do think it's funny, and helpful - to the soul.
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    Good question....i don't now the definitive answer but i put a little grease in mine just to be on the safe side.
    It also pays(for routine maintenance purposes) to cut a slot in that holder so the cable can be removed more easily.
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  16. Mine is a staccato rattle and is almost as irritating as the loose baffle in my Honda 1100 ACE Cruiser. It sounds like a jackhammer at high speed or heavy load. Sounds like the rods are about to come out, Embarrassing in the least. I will give the cardboard thing a shot, or maybe a piece of neoprene. Thanx Keith (trackfodder) Williams
  17. Flapdoodle

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    I am trying out another approach. The inside of the cover was cleaned with acetone and 1/16 cork sheet gasket material was glued inside with Gorilla glue (polyurethane glue). If that is still noisy I may try the mousepad idea someone suggested on the outside of the cover.

    I intend to replace the philips screws with socket head cap screws. Is there anything that can be used in the way of a lock washer that will not dig into the aluminum, or is locktite best?
  18. MotorMac

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    Use blue Loctite (medium threadlocker),,do not use red!