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  1. Ozi

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    yuandong engine factory - SKYHAWK FACTORY

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  2. Ozi

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    Interesting photo 4, seems to have an electric motor hooked up also photo 6 ...look at that exhaust

    red hot :shock:
  3. ChinaPhil

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    I live in China and through work have visited many factories (feels like too many), the photographs are typical of a small Chinese factory.
  4. HI,

    Thanks for the pics....very interesting.

  5. Man I wish I was going to the olympics cause my luggage coming back would be much heavier!
  6. dwsutton

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    That is cool. Wonder how many small factories are producing the engines ?
  7. mcassMB6

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    it's the precision and quality that struck me. Hee Hee Hee
  8. Ozi your sig rules,BTW.
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  10. lennyharp

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    Yea I love the fact they are actually making something and not just buying it ready made.;)
  11. seanhan

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    Man I bet O.S.H.A would love to get in there
    did you see the Lathe operator with no safety glasses !!!!
  12. arceeguy

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    LOL Yeah - maybe the UAW should organize and start a new district in China. This way they could lower the already questionable quality and raise prices. :)
  13. srdavo

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    be careful what you wish for, bro!! :tt2: :lol:
  14. HoughMade

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    Yeah, at least we wouldn't have to worry about long term competition from China.
  15. heathyoung

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    The dyno pic (with the electric motor - used as a 'brake') is pretty darned cool.
  16. Mountainman

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    those are very interesting pictures

    thinking that the quality will only improve with time

    China is a force to be rechoned with -- regarding all matters...

    ride that thing
  17. rustguard

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    I live in Australia and I have worked in several factories like that.
    P.S. Using a lathe without glasses is very scary stuff. This is my trade, Ive seen a couple of scary accidents.
  18. How about the lighting?
  19. popunas

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    lWhat a trip! I didnt see the motor testng til after I had made my stand.
  20. machiasmort

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    Turnning metal on a lathe w/o glasses isn't bad, it's turnning metal that's non magnetic without glasses thats nut's. How do you get it out once it's stuck in there??

    I hope you guy's really appreciate those pics! Ozzi smuggled the camera in his but to get those! The lighting wasn't poor, it was the residue on the lense!

    Acreeguy, What do you mean the UAW should go organize them??? They probably helped the company send the jobs there from here already.
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