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    What do HT and GEBE stand for?

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    HT alias HappyTime engines. 2 stroke Chinese brand v mount engine. Name was created by Augidog (member) a few years back.
    GEBE alias Golden Eagle Bike Engines. (Vender to the left of page)

    I think the is a list of terms here somewhere. Can someone who remembers post the thread?
    edit...found a few

    You'll also want to know a few common terms around here:
    MBc = ... Happy Time (HT) = generic, Chinese 2-stroke engine from kings/dax/starfire/spooky/etc ... WOT = wide open throttle ... dino = conventional motor oil ... cager = a car or other vehicle that will flatten you & your bike upon impact.
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    Thanks Terrence.
    What do you call a homelite weed trimmer friction drive? I'm guessing DIY?
    This MB thing is too much fun!!! A twin motor setup is next on the build list. I'm gonna ride from Orlando to Daytona Beach and want a backup engine!