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    I just do not get it. How to install the sprocket on a Schwinn Del Mar with a coaster brake. I have seen posts that say to enlarge the ID hole in the sprocket, but for me the inside and outside rubber between the spokes will move the sprocket towards the brake arm and defeat the pupose of opening of the ID hole in the sprocket.

    I am inclined to buy a normal 5 speed freewheel and mount it on the bike and install caliper brakes. I did my first install on a 5 speed cruiser and had no problems with the sprocket install. Can I use my existing single speed front crank and existing chain and just plop it on a gear that fits, without any derailler ?

    Maybe I should find another bike.....
    Any suggests dudes ?

  2. Try using different hardware. Are your bolts interfering with that coaster arm?
    Look here:

    Also people have installed these sprockets without the rubber between the sprocket and spokes and just had the one on the inside that you have to cut to get on the hub. But in my experience if you tighten it down with both rubber rings it should do the job. But it would also work without as long as your chain won't rub your tire.
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    Caoster brale and sprocket

    I guess what may have happened is that I took apart the entire coaster brake in order to get the gear sprocket on. I did not tighten the bolts on the sprocket, then I reassembed the coaster brake. At that time I did not realize that the ID was too small.

    I see now that the wheel bearings are smashed !

    Seems to me that the sprocket must be tightened first, and the sprocket must be flush to the wheel hub ( I filed down the ID to make it fit) THEN
    reassemble the coaster brake.

    I guess I'll order some new bearings !