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    I have been wanting to get around to this project for a while. My 5-speed cannot be bump started due to the design(my design). You can peddal start it (in an emergency) but not easy when the engine is cold.

    So this bike is pretty much dependent on the pull starter. We all are aware that the HT pullstarters are weak. So the first part of the project was to make the pull start more dependable.

    This was done by making a steel pawl, steel post and backer plate for the post. The post is also a weakness on the HT heavy duty pull start that is being marketed.

    The reason for upgrading the pullstart is that this kickstart operates it.

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    Nice job Jim, glad to see you've made a lot of progress. How's it working for you? I'd be happy with a pull start that was reliable. You know how many I've gone through! I have the same situation on my S'ray as you do with the difficulty pedal starting. Grandson and I are working on mine this winter using your design and going back to the 5 speed set up.
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    if the kick start works out for you, I'll ply you with beer and cigars to have you help me do one too... once I have a bike again, of course... (hopefully with my tax return)
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    When I rode a happy time I often thought of kicking it.
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    ingenious....that comes under the heading of *why the heck didn't I think of that. :idea: