HT kit prices coming down?

Happy Valley

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6:32 AM
Jul 13, 2008
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I can't tell myself, having only seen a couple of these kits/motors, but they all look the same to me.
Look at the rating of the seller of the first item !!! NO THANKS!
Maybe a claim of "EPA Certified " is just a gimmick to sell more ,, just like some of the other claims, such as easy installation, 80cc, 40mph, 200mpg, best kit on E Bay , etc.,, etc.,, ,,, that have shown up before.
Yeah, well as I said I can't vouch for the sellers.....I'm not really too keen on ebay to begin with.

I guess the point was noticing prices easing down. It seems a pretty competitive market, one seller lowers and others follow, which is a good thing for consumers.

Frankly, I think about $150 ought to get a HT kit delivered to your door.