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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by pedalpower, Aug 6, 2008.

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    300 yrd from home on Tuesday-engine dies. it's a new engine and did about 20 miles the day before. I'm fairly conscious of the breakin-in process I guess the breaking process had alluded me. So,

    1) replaced CDI (original was probably okay) and cable and plug
    2) replaced magento coil
    3) removed kill switch

    spark has returned.

    Does anyone have any sage advise on how the f to avoid frying magnetos and/or CDIs Which is more likely to fail? Is it fusable/groundable so any spike or current doesn't reach the CDI or Mag?

    kill switch worked everytime I used it-was it possibly slowly damaging the mag? It seems the only ground wire in the whole set up is/was the kill switch. will removing the ground wire avoid future damaging circuits. everyone says pitch the KS because it will fail but does it cause other damage like I had?

    Anyway, all I can suggest that when you buy a HT kit, buy a donor engine at the same time so you have an extra part until you can replace it at your convenience.

    F, do I need to carry a spare mag and CDI on the road wherever I go?


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    Some say that shorting the magneto, particularly at higher engine speeds, can damage it. I'm glad you got it figured out but I would have probably removed the kill switch first before replacing $$ parts.

    Some folks install an inline switch that breaks the circuit instead of shorting it.
  3. pedalpower

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    thanks. I might install a switch-perhaps in case of emergencies? a switch that runs back to the throttle maybe. I don't know that the mag coil failed by using the kill switch, i was just riding along and I lost spark-could just be one of those things. quite frankly, I don't really need a switch to kill the engine-did it twice today at intersections.