HT vibrations


Local time
4:06 PM
May 14, 2008
Alamo, TN
Well, I have heard other people talk about it and now I know for sure it is the truth. I went for a long ride today and when I came home I did an inspection. I found that I was missing a nut from the muffler and a nut from where the engine bolts on to the frame. Until now, I didn't put too much stock in those stories about things vibrating off but I now know that it really is true (I have to learn things the hard way)

I know that everyone has talked or heard about Loctite. I'm thinking about using the blue on these type nuts and bolts where you don't want them coming off. The two that came off today would fall into the category of nuts that I don't want falling of so they are a Loctite candidate.

Anything else I should be looking for? I don't want to ALWAYS learn things the hard way.. lol.

Remember the motor studs can loosen where they thread in and also where the nuts go at 'em. Double trouble.
oh... I didn't think of that eljefino... I will have to take a look in the morning and see what I can see.
Blue locktite on everything! Harbor freight has it dirt cheap. Make sure to do both ends of the studs.
I replaced the cheapo (soft) nuts and studs with threaded rod from mcmaster-carr. Part # 93325A070 is enough to do a couple motors easy. You can get nuts at Lowes Ace etc. My kings 80cc is M6 thread.

If you use locknuts keep them off the motor, the nylon kind can melt right out.

Less than $20 of locktite, nuts and threaded rod is just good insurance! Plus you'll get famililar with every nut and bolt on your HT!
Happy motoring!
I tiny shmear of RV silicon on the threads will keep the nuts on, if you don't have any locktight around.