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  1. Huasheng 142 F

    Does anyone know if it is an exact copy of gxh50qxa motor? I stuck my exhaust valve after only 4 or 5 miles!:shout:
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  2. fetor56

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    It is NOT an exact copy.....their are differences & the only way to tell is to compare(preferably in the flesh,or by recommendation)
    Not a good idea to automatically assume anything about these two engines.
  3. Irish John

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    Did you stick your exhaust valve on a HS or on a Honda? Honda has spares and HS doesn't. The one thing I wouldn't assume is that the exhaust valves are exactly the same on both engines - they'd be close but probably not exactly the same. Looks like you'll soon find out and be able to tell us. How did the valve manage to stick? Not heard of that happening except to a guy in Oz who used the wrong oil in his motor and also used it in his fuel mix & seized the motor on the first day.
  4. Huasheng, not sure how. Castrol 10-30. fuel mix? Did a couple test runs around the neighborhood then took it for a longer ride. after a few miles it just died, when I tried to restart it it had no compression. Pedaled the rest of the way and when I got to my destination I popped the valve cover off and found the (probably bent) stuck valve. Hopefully the co. I bought it from will warranty it and I won't have to find out if the valves are the same. The cylinder and head are part of the upper case, so you have to disassemble the entire motor to replace a valve, and the piston may be in need of replacement too.
  5. stuck valve

    HI I have not heard of this happenning, did you have ALL the little tins around the cylinder fins the whole time? I had heard if you remove any of that tin, you will have valve trouble.

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    10W-30 is the correct oil but there is definitely no fuel mix. The oil goes in the engine and the fuel is unleaded high octane (no ethanol\alcohol mix) and goes in the fuel tank. If you followed the guidelines in your HS handbook then I think that the valve gaps must have been set wrong in the factory (I'm assuming you didn't tamper with the valve gaps) and then you are due for a replacement motor from your supplier. I hope your supplier is honourable and does the right thing by you. I hope you didn't mix the oil with the fuel because that would void your warranty. Good luck. The most important part of your bike is the oil and keeping it fresh every 10 hours of operation. First oil change after one hour is a good idea for a motor built in China to get rid of any serious gunk.
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  8. "Fuel mix?" was in response to Irish johns statement about the guy who seized his the 1st day.
    I'm familiar w/ both 4 stroke and 2 stroke motors. If the co. I bought it from doesn't get back to me I'll tear it appart and see if I can match the honda valve up to it. It's my understanding though that some utilty motors such as these have cast in guides so I may have to bore out the guides and fit new ones allong w/ valves. Not really worth it for the layman but since I have access to the machinery, if I have to, I'll try it just to see if I can do it. It's my 1st 4stroke kit and I love the power band so I'll replace it 1 way or another! I'm likin' the sound of Houghmades discussion about his honda. Anyway this is a good way to find out how good my supplier is! The motor alone is $150 if I gotta buy one and I'm sure I just got unlucky. Also the manual doesn't say what the valve clearances are supposed to be is it the standard .008" and .010" inlet and exhaust respectively.
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    Exhaust valve clearance is 0.11mm - Intake valve is 0.08mm. Take out the spark plug and pull the rope til the piston is at the top before you adjust the valves.
    I'm sorry if I thought you might be like the guy who put mixture in his 4-stroke. I now realise you are savvy about these motors.
    Take your lump hammer when you go to see your supplier. Sometimes they need a bit of convincing.
  10. Lump hammer, lets see here, slasher knife, no, um, piercing shank, no that's not it, uh, mm, oh yes there it is. I almost forgot where I put my lump hammer!:smash7:
    Thanks IrishJohn. No harm, no foul.
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    Alternatively you could try a 1948 Ford Prefect starting handle. The starting handles on those older models are so much better than the the ones on the later models.
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    Sure parts are available but that wasn't your original question....probably most ppl thought u wanted better valves,& generally speaking if Honda/HS parts are readily interchangeable.Some parts are interchangeable,some parts arn't.'s available parts are displayed on their website but there has been parts previously displayed that are no longer available cos they sold out,very quickly....wide cranks & rear mounted tanks being popular.
    With ALL parts get it while u can as quick as u can,& if u have the money get more than u need.........he who hesitates. :icon_cry:
  13. I'm looking to repair my motor. I type slow so I minimize how much I type. I knew parts were avail. for honda but didn't remember that B-E had HS parts. So I thought that Someone might know if they could be swapped. The thread has now evolved (as threads do) and many ideas and thoughts have been discussed since. So even if you misunderstood my origional question or I did not communicate it as thoroughly as I should have I'm grateful for all that has been mentioned on the subject.
    I just want a direct replacement, honda, hs, or whatever. Previously in this thread it was mentioned that spares were avail. for the Honda and not the washing (Huasheng) machine. I thought it potentially helpful to mention that there are spares available. If I have to buy another motor, for spares, I will. These motors are not rare and are avail. through several sources for many uses in addition to mb's.
    Some of the mb specific kit parts may be harder to come by. The 3 piece cranks that came w/ my kit are not by any means great but are not as bad as some that I've seen in threads here. But I like the look of the one piece better as well.
    I will try the honda motor soon as well. I will try them all in time. It is not much more than the hs any way.
  14. Washing (huasheng) Machine Update

    I finally had time to look deeper into the stuck valve today.

    See Thread if you haven't, for details.

    I took the rockers and valve spring off. I gently pried on the groove in the v. stem and freed the valve w/o using much pressure. W/ some fresh oil I moved the valve up /& down and it was smooth pretty quickly. I checked, and the motor is non interference (valves/piston). Put it back together and adjusted the valve clearances; Yamalubed the rkr cover on.

    Before I started it I held the k/sw and turned the mtr over w/ the pull start quite a few times for some extra lube. Turned on the petcock, choke and let'er rip; she started right up. So I let it idle for 20 min.
    Later today I took it for a longer ride 3-4 mi. Then a coupla quick stints at a friends house. No problems, no smoke, or weirdness; just good clean fun!:spam:
  15. Thanks to all that replied!
  16. HoughMade

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    That's a good result. the valves were probably not adjusted correctly when it was manufactured. Believe it or not, I even pulled the valve cover on my Honda and checked the valves before I mounted the engine for the first time.
  17. Probably a good idea! Thanks.
  18. Irish John

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    I'm really pleased you sorted that out Firebelly. I like stories with happy endings. It's weird that the valve stuck like that. I wonder why it happened. They are supposed to be set correctly in the factory. Fortunately they are a synch to set if you have good feeler guages but I wouldn't trust a Chinese feeler guage. It's not the metal thickness I am suspicious of but the writing on the feeler blades is probably wrong.
    Anyway it was a good thread for all of us and thanks for letting us know how you fixed it.
  19. No doubt, Thanks Again!
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