huasheng 142f 49cc 4 stroke cdi unit

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    Anyone know where to get a new one from. search the internet for hours. no one lists it or sells them. hundreds of cdi units. but none specifically for this engine, the wires from the kill switch got burned out, to close to the exaust box silencer, engine runs perfectly, and ticks over as sweet and quiet as you can get, with all the wires dissconected but know matter how i wire up the switch now it wont spark.with any connection. i suspect something has shorted out in the cdi unit.

    i am thinking of using the kill switch wires. ie one to the top of the spark plug and one to earth, like a lawn mower, this should do the job. went out yesterday. it was difficult to stop the engine, ie full choke, the bliping the throttle to stop it. did realise how often i used the kill switch till you have not got one. engine has a more reliable and steady tickover without the kill switch connected, impressive.

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    um...replace the wires? :dunce:

    cus obviously the coil side of things is fine if it still runs... why replace that and then still have the same old melted wires causing the issue?

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    well it,s a start. but importing that to the uk, would be 2 to 3 times the price,. the usa postage charges to the uk are extortionate, then we get import duty on top. another £20 approx. but it is nice to see someone has seen the missing link and is selling them.thanks.
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    once again, why are you searching for a new part that you DO NOT REQUIRE?

    replace the freaking WIRES.

    you dont happen to be IRISH by any chance, and just residing in the UK?

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    I have fixed the problem. one thick single strand wire pushed through the plug lead to a seperate switch and and another wire to the green earth wire from the cdi unit. the toggle swith has an led light on the toggle.not necessary

    but helps if you forget to click on the switch and wodering why the engine won,t start.

    the reason i need to wire a cutout switch, is my engine is a pig to try and stop running, the wires only burned out as i had them tucked behind the box silencer, now they are on the outside, also i tried to cover the engine in lycra, to hide for stealth. the engine got to hot. now removed, it was nice to not get so much attention while it lasted.
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    the wire in the cdi unit. the small black one with the tag. just replacing the wires did not work. something inside the cdi has shorted out. the original kill swith was faulty, took to peices. the small connection in the switch was not insullating the two wires. i tried to fix it but to small and fiddly, so just just used another switch. I am not irish,. cheeky begger. i am a skilled toolmaker. But some electrics catch you out at times. so kill switch now stronger and more reliable the original one, i know longer need a new cdi.
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    yerp, that would do it :) lousy switches! i sorta assumed you was trying to keep the same old wires...

    now whos the irishman? :jester:

    and having been down the path of stuck throttles...instantly accessible kill switches are a must :)
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    Sorry, my psychic powers weren't working you pommy *******. :D LOL
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