Huasheng 142f

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    I wrote about this in another thread but this is sort of an update. I bought an nt carb intake and put a 2 stroke nt carb on it. Started in one pull idled great. I ran it and it ran perfect for about 20 seconds. After I let off the throttle it died. It starts up every time but now when I twist the throttle it doesn't wanna move past 5mph. This is exactly how it was before the carb change except now it starts in one pull

  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Do you have good compression, and have you checked the lifter settings?

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    When u say lifter settings do u mean the valves? If so then no I haven't tried adjusting them yet. I will do that maybe sometime soon
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    i would do valve lash when you first purchase engine and every oil change. also as far as compression sounds like you have very low compression this is usually caused on these small engines because when people first get them they do not change oil frequently when first purchased causing little flakes of metal that come off the new engine are getting splashed around damaging valves and piston i would buy new valves from bikeberry kmb motor bikes or whoever
    hope this helps
    ps. lawnmower repair shops will do it for you
    if you dont have time