Huasheng 31cc 4 stroke

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by lianikova, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. lianikova

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    Hi all have had this engine for about a year now and it ran like a champ
    Then it stated to act buggy, hard to start, then it will only start in full throttle. cleaned filter, plug, blew the lines. What do you think?
    Diaphragm ? place for parts...?

    And for the fun of it I had bought a second engine from ebay new....
    Bright and shiny mounted it had to jerry rig the cable and was do proud.
    Then wnet to pull it thru, it seems to be wrecked on the inside, had to pull like heck to get it to move an inch..... so off it came, anyone needing a good doorstop?

    Any help thanks!

  2. darwin

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    Are you sure this motor is a 4 stroke? How much oil does the reservoir hold? Does it have overhead valves?.......if it is 4 stroke how does the primer bulb pump? Does it hold a vacuum when you pump it and close the line off? Cracked fuel lines? Air leak, loose carb bolts?
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  4. The_Aleman

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    Huasheng carbs are really susceptible to getting gummed up inside. There's some really tiny holes that get plugged up easy. The o-rings on the jets are also subject to damage.

    I would start with cleaning the carb and inspecting the o-rings. Give it a good cleaning and see if that helps. My 49CC Huasheng's carb has gummed up a half dozen times in 2 years.

    Keep us posted!
  5. darwin

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    Didn't know HS made a 31cc 4 stroke, OP must think i'm nuts. Ale is on the right track but i'm still thinking to check that diaphram to see how it pumps and holds a vacuum.
  6. BigBlue

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  7. darwin

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    If HS makes it i'd have faith that its a quality motor with my experience w/titans.
  8. lianikova

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    Hi all, can you give me as much info on this engine/ carb as you can.
    Are there any vids on disassembly, part for this from who?
    O ring standard, not a big mechanic, but can muddle thru.

    As for what has been asked it is a 4 stroke, the bulb seems to work fine, pumping fuel up and down. I fear taking it all apart as those lil pcs goes missing, or I fail to remember where they went.

    I wonder if this will work. I have asked for pix from them of all sides. will upload them here when in.

    VRRROOOM to you all!
  9. lianikova

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    This the type of kit and engine 31cc 4 stroke, holds about 3.5 oz of oil.
  10. The_Aleman

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    There's not a lot of pieces to these small engine carbs, they are quite simple. There's only about 6 pieces to my 49CC HS carb.

    I've never had a smaller HS carb, so I couldn't tell you the exacts of it. But modern US gasoline being as crappy as it is, carbs can act up and fuel filters seem to not last as long.
    It shouldn't be difficult to take it apart and clean it with some carb cleaner and canned or compressed air.

    By the way, you did replace the fuel filter, right? Mine lasts about 8-10 months before it needs replacing.
  11. lianikova

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    Who sells this engine in the us, who carries parts?
    This has been a great lil engine, but info and suppliers are scarce.
    To find one on ebay you might have to buy the pump to which it is attached.

    Thanks for all the help.
  12. The_Aleman

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    There's several places that sell friction-drive kits with the little Huasheng. Offhand tho, the only major vendor I know of that sells the engine is Dax.

    He labels it the "Titan XC35" He may sell parts for it, you'd have to contact him.
  13. IbedaYank

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    take the carb off and bring it to your local small engine shop and see if they can match the gaskets after all its a clone of a honda motor
  14. darwin

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    I've looked at that xc35 on dax's site a zillion times visiting his site and always thought that was a 2stroke, dunno what to say!
  15. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The Huasheng 31cc sold by DAX is a clone of a Honda GX 31 which they have
    not made since they upgraded to the Honda GX 35

    Who knows if the honda parts are interchangeable???

    Also it uses a pumper diaphragm carb which is nothing like the butterfly carb
    on a huasheng 50cc

    If you had to pay $170 it would be a much better deal to buy a real Honda GX 35
    from Small Engine Warehouse for $225?

    If you really want a Honda GX 31 there are a lot of them available on the used
    market for cheap. I bought one for $40

    Did you try turning the engine over after you took it off the friction drive?

    A common mistake is to use too long a bolt and they lock the flywheel.

  16. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Yea on tanakas and the gx35 the engine mounting bolt has to be an exact length. If ita 1/4in too long flywheel gets locked up, 1/4in too short and not enough thread holding the motor on securely. Has to be the exact length to mount for the application......just backing up what motor said cuzz its important.
  17. IbedaYank

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    4 stroke ohv
    2 Nm torque
    Air Cooled
    CDI ignition
    length 212mm
    Width 254mm
    Height 245mm
    Weight 8 lbs
    seems to say pretty plainly its a 4stroke
  18. darwin

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    Rubbing it in with salt huh yank? LOL admit I do feel a little foolish, never studied that motor mostly just glanced at it.
  19. IbedaYank

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    no not really as this motor also on his site is a 2stroke 50cc
    but reading the discreption does help not that I always do