Huasheng 4-stroke chinese engine won't start


Apr 28, 2008
Haha! Thanks funny man, I'm glad you decided not to junk the engine. I'm sure people get really turned off by the necessary amount of "tinkering" required with these kits to get them running. For us who are mechanically inclined, it's addicting! (My wife asked me today if I was having an affair with my bike :)

Mike S

Mar 16, 2008
Mine started first try

My grubee skyhawk started on the first pull and ran smoothly, after removing the kill switch on the throttle. Had it connected incorrectly. The engine is fairly quiet with just grease on the gears. I recommend not using gear oil. I'm satisfied with this engine. Mike S


I agree with the grease only position. I use Lucas X-tra Heavy Duty- pretty green color. I liberally applied it to the first, intermediate and final gears and pack more in behind the intermediate before putting the cover back on. I hear only the chain and the engine- gears not at all.

From time to time you will see posts with people talking about how noisy the Grubee gearbox is- older ones maybe, and without proper grease, surely, but I got mine last August and it is quiet with grease.

The Grubee Skyhawk II needs some "bodging" to get it right, but when it is set up- it is really quite good.

I use the Honda engine and it is a rev happy, mini-motorcycle sounding little beast. I love it.
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