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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by recumbentbill, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. I thought my engine had a loud knock but after taking the gear box off and starting the engine the knock was gone. I replaced the clutch after returning the first engine[rod cap bolt fell out]. I messed up the original clutch trying to take it off. The new clutch has a loud knock when taking off and goes away after the bike gets going. gearbox is on tight .The clutch bell has some play. any ideas???? does it matter which way the clutch weights go on is there a front or back? all motor mountbolts are tight

  2. locutus_1

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    clutch weights? i have the same motor brand new my clutch shoes wont engage fully i thought about weights but do you have a picture of your setup?
  3. locutus_1

    locutus_1 New Member

    dont do clutch weights...

    change our your springs to #35 weight 1/4 size youll have to cut the springs to fit but i did it to mine and it works just fine now also lube the bolts where they shoes connect and tighten them down barely so they are somewhat loose and use locktight..
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    I filed the keyed clutch bushing to reduce the play.

    I put the bushing in the clutch bell from the inside.
    I held it tight and filed it flush with the outside of the clutch bell gear.
    There is still a small amount of play when installed.
    You need some clearance so you don't lock up the clutch + for lubrication purposes when running oil or trans fluid in the gearbox.
    The clanking noise is gone.

    While I had the clutch apart I roughed up the inside of the Clutch bell with 80 grit sand paper. I sanded it at about a 45 degree angle.

    I also disabled the engager so that it is always engaged.
    What a difference in noise and ride ability.

    I'm now trying out 2 ounces of automatic transmission fluid in the gear box (with all the grease completely cleaned out).

    What a difference in noise and ride ability.

    I was able to go for my first trouble free enjoying ride.