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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by scotts, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. scotts

    scotts New Member

    So whats the deal with these motors. They are cheap knock offs and only carry a 3month warranty. Holy **** that is a short warranty. Will they last longer than 3 months???
    My goal is to create a bike for daily commuting, 6 miles each way, mostly flat. I'm mechanically inclined but never worked with gas engines.
    Am asking too much from a cheap motor?

  2. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    I've been running one for about 3000 miles and doing fine. Expect it to run for another 3000 miles.
  3. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I have 8500+ trouble free miles on my HS :)
    the problem with most 4stroke kits isn't the engine,,,it is the gear-reduction (transmission)
  4. davewelch2000

    davewelch2000 New Member

    i had a little 49 cc china chopper i ran it for 2 years yes i had fix it alot but most of time it was cause of mods i did to it
  5. scotts

    scotts New Member

    So it appears that with a little TLC this motor can last take me to work and back every day from spring to fall? (six miles one way, limited hills)
    exactly what speed should I be using it for a daily commute? The bike will be a lighter weight mt bike with slick tires and I am 160 lbs.
  6. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Well, a lot depends on the gearing and drive type, but the speed limits on these things is either 20 or 30 depending on where you live. I could get a speeding ticket in either. :ack2:
  7. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    the four strokes are great.

    my first huasheng, not so great. hard a carb issue, welll. just after the 3 months! um. then it was fine for a good 3000km.

    its now dead dead :(

    and how! ive never seen a carbon buildup like it! halfway round the combustion chamber and into the exhaust... it had ended up catching the valve, then piston hit valve, then everything hit everything, then yeah....dead engine... but i was pulling 60kmh plus at 10 grand! constantly...

    i have what i believe is also a huasheng...a copy of the robin subaru 25... at least, it has the same symbol as the huasheng on it... so far, its great! even 25 cc and its hauling :)
  8. don206

    don206 New Member

    anyone know how to put these back together? i opened my motor up to replace oil seal now valve guides and timing gear and all those goodies are out :(
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    same way you pulled it apart but in reverse? thats what i do....

    oh dear.

    it should take...3 minutes :) remove rocker cover and rockers. put cam followers in(them crescent shaped doo dads. memory tells me it was the left hand one that goes first. dont worry! they are the same! and can only go in one way!) then there should be a small spacer bush on top of them. turn piston to tdc. theres a dot on the crank gear. theres an arrow on the cam gear...line the two up. now whack the cover on. back to rockers. install rods, making sure theyre seated in the "cups". adjust clearance, reeoil, go riding :)
  10. Knuckle_Duster

    Knuckle_Duster New Member

    6 miles each way commuting is nothing to a Huasheng. Mine eats up 10-20 mile runs like nothing, and I've done a couple 60+ milers. Dunno why OP is worrying. I also rarely spin mine over 6K RPM and run 20W50 synthetic. Some of them do have POS carbs, but they are easily replaced.
  11. don206

    don206 New Member

    yep they are great motors
  12. chrisnbush

    chrisnbush Member

    Carbon buildup

    Wondering if you folks are overfilling the oil a bit, getting too much splash up top at the valves ?

    Just a thought. So little oil in the things it is hard to get it right. I have taken to putting a cup in it, which is what it is supposed to take, although some of that spills out.

    If you fill your motor on a slant, or the motor isn't mounted level, you would be suprised how much oil you can overfill it with.

    By they way, I have the "Super Titan" that DAX sells, and if it holds up (! we will see) it is a LARGE improvement in torque. I think it makes a good engine, the HS, a great one, again if it holds up. Don't know if there is another dealer you can get these from. To try to ensure a long life I got some Tufoil (engine treatment with teflon particles in it) and am using it in my Super Titan. I swear by the stuff for my cars. We will see.
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  13. don206

    don206 New Member

    ya might have a point on oil overfill. bet thats how i blew my oil seal. :( now to figure this out again
  14. Knuckle_Duster

    Knuckle_Duster New Member

    Hey don206, are you still running the stock airbox? I took mine apart last year and noticed that the PCV portion of the airbox had a lot of glue in it. I made a few mods so it had clearer flow. If the PCV system is blocked off, it's easier to blow oil seals. I'm running the SBP 4-stroke air filter now, that unit has a proper connection for PCV.
  15. Are you running the Titan with a fricrtion drive,center mount or other?I am wanting to buy his kit but want to know more about them....
  16. JackShaft

    JackShaft New Member

    The Grubee gearbox and clutch on the 4 strokes are dung-**** no matter what the venders say.

    Don't waste your money.
  17. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Check out the comments about the HS 4-stroke and the Q-Matic drive system on this site. The Q-Matic drive is American made and "bullet" proof, some have over 10,000 miles on the EZM kit.

    In 3 years we have only replaced a few [less than 6] rope starters, and one carburetor float on the motor under warranty.

    Have fun,
  18. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    OK, Lee. I'll check out your site.
    Interested in that Q-matic.
  19. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Sorry didn't intend to be an endorsment, just pointing out the HS motor has a great track record. When the motor was first suggested as part of our kit I wanted proof, not rumors, about the quality of the 49 CC 4-stroke. I personally tried to "trash" the first test motor [still running great]and often rode 100 mile trips [round trip] in under 3 hours during initial testing.

    The motor will survive "almost" anything, but it doesn't take well to running it at 9,000 to 10,000 RPMs for an extended time period [would any car survive WOT in low gear for an extended time period?]. Sadly some drive systems were made with some wild ratios and allowed the motor to wind up tight, and were quick from a stop, but needed about 9000 RPM to do around 25 MPH.

    Have fun,