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    I recently went from 44 to 38 tooth sprocket. An my speeds an rpms have changed alot. Went from 26-29 mph cruising speeds and 4500-6500 rpms. To about 28-34 mph cruising speeds with much lower rpms. My issue is even when I start a slight increase in incline my rpms drop and speeds fall to a slow 25- but down hills well if it's a good long down hill I can manage 40 mph. I'm looking for ways to upgrade an add some torque an power to the little huasheng engine I have. I've already done the exhaust. And it helped some. Not so sure about carb filter upgrades or others ... anyone have any ideas ???

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    go to bike berry wanna go fast
    bbr tuning dual torque up exhuast
    bbr tuning cc x-port exhuast assembly
    bbr tuning billet intake manifold 40mm for 142f huasheng
    high performance carburetor for any 2-stroke except the CNS carburetor
    and use a really really big rear sprocket for acceleration or really small for top speed