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    So, i finally got my engine. Didnt come with the clutch handle but one email got that fixed. was SUPER awesome btw. Quick responses, nice packaging. So i got the sprocket installed, then i started in on the engine, dropped the shipping gear oil and put in the 50 50 (stop leak/85w-140) then put oil in it. Then, i put the mounting bracket on, making sure it was level and what not. After, i went to put my engine in and IT WONT FIT!!!! the intake, throttle cable bracket, and chock lever thing all hit the frame. The bike is a Greenline 26inch cruiser and it was supposed to fit :/. I got the bike for christmas and really dont want to use a different one. After taking the bracket off, i found that it would fit with some custom fabbing, but that would be expensive. Does anyone have any tips or tricks or better/cheaper ideas? Anything helps!


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    Adjustable Mount or Shorten Yours?

    Based on the photo of the kit on the daemon bikes website it seems that the motor mount provided is not adjustable for length. To get the motor lower in the frame you need to make the mount provided shorter, or purchase one of the adjustable mounts. has an adjustable mount but they cost $50.00. Boy Go Fast sells an adjustable mount as well but in my opinion is on the crude side but at half the cost. Your existing mount could be shortened and mounted lower probably with some angle iron and muffler clamps. You might look thru the on-line installation manual at Sick Bike Parts to see how they mount the platform for their 4-stroke shift kits to get some ideas?

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    Thanks man that sounds like a great plan. This was giving me such a headache haha
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    Does this kit has a clutch? the gear box is a stage 2 hoot and idk where the clutch cable should go
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    The Hoot box has a centrifugal clutch.......and is the worst gearbox on the market.
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    ****...what's wrong with the hoot? Due to all the hate on It I bet there's a thread all about it hahah
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    The word starred is just poop but the version spelled with a c... Sorry
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    the proper term on this site is carp. :jester: