Huashengtaishan 4 stroke pouring gasoline

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    photo 1.jpg It seems like the motorized bike doesn't like me, I've built a 2 stroke and the engine mount came loose and I was stranded 4 miles from home, now I've installed a 4 stroke Huashengtashan 49cc I can't get it to run without flooding my garage with gasoline.

    photo 2.jpg
    This image shows the carburetor, the little copper or bronze colored piece under the fuel input is the main problem where all the fuel dribbles out. When the petcock is on it just drips with fuel and when it's off it's fine but the engine then only runs off the fuel in the bowl if I try to seal it off the copper piece so it stops dripping the engine dies, I can't ride around turning on and off the petcock hoping I don't stall in the middle of the road because my engines flooded. Can anyone help me figure out what's with this carburetor.

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    Just remove the bowl pull the pin holding the needle value..drop the float/needle valve and blow out your gas line while connected...reinstall..must have in line filter. Bleed gas line..shasham..
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    Oh want to blow through the carb connected iine..
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    "This image shows the carburetor, the little copper or bronze colored piece under the fuel input is the main problem where all the fuel dribbles out." If I'm understanding you correctly you have the fuel line hooked up to the drain/overflow and it's pouring out the fuel inlet. Try hooking up the fuel line from the tank to the brass outlet below the overflow w/clear plastic hose and see wassup.
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    darwin is right,,,,gas line hooked up wrong
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    I hooked the hose up to the brass piece and the carburetor didn't leak any fuel but I have yet to test it, my engine mount bolts snapped off last night so that's a set back, I'll keep you posted how it goes.
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    Just my opinion, but that's a bad choice for a bicycle to put this kit do you check the oil or put oil in the engine....????? and it only has rear brakes....
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    there's enough clearance to check the oil and I use a funnel and a tube to fill it with oil, also darwin was right, it was a mixed up fuel connection, but when you're given very poorly written instructions and a hose that looks like it would be the input hose, what do you expect, anyway thanks for the help.

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    Also I'm planning to put disk brakes on in the future.
  10. KCvale

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    Naw, that bike is fine with proper engine mounting.


    That's a 7G kit correct?
    That base mount is a hard to work with POS but it can be made to work.

    Let me guess about your broken mount, you couldn't get to all the engine bolts in from the bottom very well so it was never tight, that'll do it every time.
    Your engine is mounted low and back, you want to go the opposite, high and forward.

    Pull the engine and mount off.
    Slide the back mount back as far as it will go and get your mount as level as possible and test fit.
    You want the top of the engine to almost hit the top bar.

    Bolt the mount to frame and set the engine on it.
    Slide it sideways for best chain alignment and mark the base mount for location.

    Now leaving the frame clamps in place, unbolt the plate from the clamps.
    Bolt the engine to plate off bike so you get them tight where your marks are.
    Now just put the plate back on your frame mounts and both it on.


    A POS system but doable.