Hub Adapted Sprocket Drivetrain Questions

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by smokenjoe101, May 25, 2011.

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    Hi fellow members!!!
    This will be kind of long, but bear with me :)
    I am about to embark on what will hopefully be a very good bike build. I currently have my standard 66/80cc motor mounted on a ten speed Columbia that is just not cutting it. I have recently acquired a Trek Cruiseliner, Treks highest end cruiser model. Link

    It features a full aluminum frame, nexus 3 speed hub, coaster brake.

    What I need some advice on is my drivetrain and mounting setup. I want to keep the bike in as good of shape as possible, in case I decided to go back to motorless. As far as mounting, I have no idea what the best path would be to take. I want the most secure and safe mount so there will be reduced vibration. And since I want to keep the bike in good shape as well as have a reliable drive train, I was considering one of these bad boys Link

    The bike has an aluminum frame and the rear bolts and axel seem to move around a bit. I envisioned possibly fabricating 2 brackets with screws to keep the axel pulled back, kind of like on a bmx bike.

    The main problems I have with my current setup on my 10 speed are vibration, unreliable drivetrain, and flimsy mounting setup and less rolling friction and chain rub. I hope to solve all of these problems. I want this bike to be well thought out and mechanically very sound. My kit is bone stock, so any upgrades that you guys would suggest would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time