hub adaptor unavoidable?

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    I'm building a occ chopper stingray for a guy and I've searched and searched forever and can't seem to find if it just makes the install easier or if it is a must have. Already realize that my motor mount plate has to be off center to the left of the bike. Is the adaptor used to compesate for the drastic angle of the spokes? I wouldn't have posted, but not having any luck reading through all the search results and the guy is getting antsy. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm a little disappointed that 40 people viewed this thread and nobody had any info for me. Guess not as many people have built an occ as I thought. Oh well. Went ahead and tried the sprocket without an adaptor. Seems like it's going to work. Having the motor plate welded this afternoon. Have to pick up a new set of bars and and going to start fabbing a tensioner. THe guy was not happy with the stock one. He said "your not going to use that are you?" I told him I had planned to tweak it in a vise. He said "you went to all that trouble to make an engine mount and your going to put a thing on that's obviously made to fit on a round tube bike an the square chain stay of my bike?" So, back to the searching. LoL! I saw one when I was reading through the sprocket posts. Sorry if I came off as a jerk. Too bad it's getting a little cold for my wimpy butt to want to ride after work nowadays. 40° @ 30 MPH = frozen motored biker. Guess I'll have to get my parka and ski mask out! Before any of you point out that I am in TN. I have a family curse of being "cold natured". If it's under 80° I have a long sleeve shirt on! :shock: Happy motoring!
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    Dunno much about your OCC but scroll down to the bottom of this page and see if it can help....also look at the Clam Shell while your there.

    PS....LiveFast are redesigning their web page pretty soon with many more spare parts.
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    Or those who have built one did not know that this thread involved an OCC since you didn't put it in the subject line.

    Good luck with your project. Would love to help, but I havn't done an OCC- many here have. Try the search function.
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    Did you even read my first post? You seem like a very knowledgeable guy, not trying to tick you off, but come on man! :grin: And sorry for not putting occ in the subject. It would've been better. Thanks!
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    Try searchin "Stingray Hub" and see what you get.