hub adaptors vs. rag joints

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    I just love this country. Free enterprise is a heavenly state of being. I ordered a hub adaptor from an online motorized bike dealer which only stocks 3 sizes. One of them said it was for a Schwinn 7 speed coaster bike which I am using. (Modus 1.182" to 1.187") My bad for not actually buying a caliper and measuring it exactly vice with a crescent wrench and tape measure. Of course it was too small and can't be used. Discovering that this dealer has a zero customer return policy, I started looking around for other resources. Google led me to the actual Manic Mechanic website at To my good fortune they recently started offering custom hub adaptors in addition to the limited sizes stocked by dealers. You now can order custom hub adaptors for most cylindrical hubs with diameters ranging from 0.900 to 1.187 inches. It is possible that 3 holes will need to be drilled in the drive sprocket for the big attachment screws, but for a cost of $45 including USPS Priority shipping, now anyone who loves a bike that they want to motorize doesn't have to delay a final divorce from their rag joint because retailers don't want to stock the exact hub adaptor on their next beloved motorizable bike. The website lists exact details of restrictive hub characteristics with the clarity and exactness of a machinist and an honest reason for their no return policy - you make the measurement and they cut the aircraft aluminum to match what you need. This competition contrasts with what some exclusive dealer chooses to stock in the same 'my way or the highway' spirit of a big box hardware store. This one new resource could totally overnight extinguish the rag joint marketplace, with smart engine kit dealers including in their price a dropship from Manic Mechanic of an exact hub adaptor for the ride that people want to use. Enjoy the freedom.

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