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    hello friends im having a problem installing the rear sproket to my 3-speed Nexus Hub.

    As you can see on the first picture on the thread, Nexus Hubs have a dust cover near the coaster break arm. that dust cover made me bore the center of the rear sproket so it could fit.

    Last night i installed and tightend it very well, it seemed super cool, and tight, perfect fit. but the wheel seemed to be stuck for some reason, it was very hard to turn the wheel, but maybe it was the transmission had gone crazy.

    well after mounting the wheel i could not turn the wheel with the chain, so i started looking @ the hub and the answere. the dust cover didnt turn with the wheel, so, the rear sproker it grinding the dust cover....i loosened the screws and some how the wheel got free.

    i remember the guy that did the bore told me he gave me a bigger whole, so i could play just a tiny bit.

    right now i can have a free running wheel IF i dont tighten the wheel that much, because when it gets gets really compressed it gets stock for some reason ( 1 could be the sproket hitting a bigger diameter at the edge of the hub and dust cover, or 2 the black rubber spacers may touch the dust cover making resistance.

    what do you guys think plz help me here.

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    I would help you but kind of do not understand what the problem is could you take some pictures please.
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    sure thing! ill post some pics tonight. yesterday i went to my milling friend to bore the rear sprocket some more, to be sure the sprocket doesnt touch the dust cover from the nexus hub......

    if you have a 3-speed nexus hub and need to bore the sprocket, be sure to give the sprocket soem clerance from the hub....that would be my advise as to fix this prolem...

    right now im waiting for chain links, to put the chain and check things.....and make another chain tensioner.