Sprockets hub with bolt on sprocket

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by cspaur13, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Its a relatively inexpensive hub but the big advantage to it is the lefthand threaded freewheel for the motor driven rear sprocket. The thing you need to be aware of with this set-up is that you won't be able to bump start your Chinese 2-Stroke motor. So you would also need to purchase pull starter and centrifugal clutch.

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    I bought one from the Grubee dealer and it wasn't junk they just dont tell you that you can only spin the standard single speed freewheel on the right side.

    I already had pull start on my Dax Titan so it didnt matter that I couldnt bump start.

    Thats what I think people should be aware of.
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    Be careful also if your thinking about buying from BGF....they have a reputation.
    Research more here about BGF & their dissatisfied MBc customers.
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    thanks for the help. they should say that on the website,
    it dont matter anymore though. my engine is screwed. the crank pin seized causing the piston to hit the cylinder wall and it broke th episton rings, chipped the piston, guaged the cylinder wall. now imn gonna try the scooter guys mount and put a pocket rocket motor on my bike.