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    Ok, My Huffy was stolen months ago. I would have posted here sooner if I'd known about this site. It was stolen off my porch in Springfield, Missouri. This picture was taken the day before it was stolen. I had set my bike on the porch, went inside to grab a jacket and it was gone...That fast. My neighbor witnessed it being stolen and I called the police who then in turn pretty much told me to shove it and file a report online. I told them I had a witness but they didn't care.

    Suspect description: 5 foot 9 to 6 feet tall. 160-165 lbs. Bleached blond hair, spiky with dark roots showing, early to mid 20s.

    The kicker is, the neighbor saw him riding my bike about a week after, called the cops and the police told her they wouldn't come out because he'd be gone by the time they got there.

    Fast forward two weeks from them, neighbor once again saw him riding a girl's beach cruiser (probably stolen too), she called me, I grabbed my gun and went looking for him, this time we didn't call the cops. No luck, didn't find him and I haven't seen him since that day

    I can't believe the cops don't care. I mean I know it's a bike to them but for crying out loud, I had a friggen witness!

    I just had this bike going good and fully broken in too that's what ****es me off the most.

    P.S. Busch Beer wasn't my first choice. I just wanted to see how well a 12 pack fit.
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    No pic showing