Huffy Cranbrook 12gauge spokes?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Rgvkid, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Rgvkid

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    While cruising the bike isle at walmart, I noticed that the Cranbrooks have the 12gauge spoke wheels with the wider rim. I was contemplating on getting the Huffy Nel Lusso just to use the parts along with the wider rims with 12gauge spokes.

    How do the Huffy 12gauge wheels compare to the heavy duty wheels being sold with 12gauge spokes and chinese components? Im gonna run a 2.5 HF with a pirate sproket Hub Adapter in a custom frame along with a rear and front disk brake. I could buy a cranbrook for the wheels and still have other parts i could use left over.

  2. birdmannn101

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    I thought that those Huffy wheels had 10 gauge spokes. I picked up 2 wheels at a swap meet with brand new balloon tires for $30. Now I need to find a good front disc brake that will work on this old bike since the caliper brake would wear the paint off the wheel.


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  3. loquin

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    No, those aren't 10 gage. They're 12 or 14...

    Here's a 26 inch wheel with 10 gage spokes...

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    been there no thanks.... The wheels may work but I would order hd wheels and get what you wont on them?
  5. birdmannn101

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    Looks like a nice wheel with a hub brake. Did you get a good deal on the wheel?