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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sgt. Howard, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Sgt. Howard

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    Allright, I will eat crow on this one- but better that than others go unwarned! I had the top tab of the rear fender snap at the bolt head this week on one of my builds. No injuries, no wreck- but a complete metal failure of the tab. I am fabricating a replacement tab of heavier stock... AND looking at the chrome fender stays on both fenders as they are of the same gauge of flimsey.
    Does anybody know of a reasonably priced chrome shop? Or will nickel plate last outside as well as chrome? I know how to do nickel... and I have ideas about the stays that will look cool... remember, I AM a blacksmith as well...

  2. crassius

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    chinese schwinns are the same PLUS the front fender mount is in the wrong place - I cut a chrome gas tank mount in half, hammer it into an "L" and slip it thru the slot in the fender so it is under the weight of the fender
  3. Big Red

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    Hey Sarge, I thought EVERYONE knew about a front fender ski trip. The brackets break, The flimsey fender supports are just heavy enough to let the fender wind up under your tire, Next thing ya know yer "skiing" on the front fender. A VERY dangerous thing at 35mph.
    A customer, Who INSISTED I leave on the front fender was on her way here to let me tighten it when it gave loose two houses down from me. (She ALMOST made it.) Put her it the hospital for a couple days. All I can do is warn people of what can, and probably will, happen. I will NEVER let another bike out of here without at least putting heavier brackets on the front fender.
    On my Hussy I made heavy STEEL brackets and took off the cheapie supports. If the bracket ever breaks, (I dont think it will,) The fender will just fall off, NOT wind up under my tire.
    So this is a good thread for all Newbies to take note of. You have been warned. A front fender ski trip is not something to put on your travel plans this summer.
    Big Red.
  4. BigBlue

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    Might want to look into powder coating chrome finish:

    It is expensive having parts chromed or nickle plated. You can buy a harbor freight powder coating gun and get a used electric oven or toaster oven, depending on the size of your project. Ovens can be had for free via Craigslist. Visit a local powder coating company for a quote and ideas.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
  5. Sgt. Howard

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    Just had another one pop- all bikes are coming in for a retrofit. The tags are more work than anything else, but the stays are expensive to replace! Useing 3/32"x1/2" stock, I hand form them and paint to match/compliment as I have no capacity to make it stay shiny otherwise.
  6. Big Red

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    Thats How I've been doing it Sarge, Just bend and drill a good peice of steel till it fits and paint it. The tabs on those fenders can't even be called brackets. TAB'S is exactly what they are. So I make a BRACKET and cinch it up.
    Big Red.
  7. chainmaker

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    If I keep fenders I go to home depot and buy a length of 1/8 x 1/2x36 inch flat bar and make stays out of that. I would skip the chrome and stick with nickle, I think it looks way more impressive in a subdued way.
  8. Big Red

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    I'll take function over "pretty" any day. Pretty is great as long as you make it almost unbreakable. I make kinda a three sided square. Put another slot in the fender if needed to come from under the fender and through to the mount. Drill holes in the bracket to line up to the mount holes on the bike and put a grade 8 bolt through it. The fender would have to rip through a inch or two of metal to come off, not just a couple of cheap chinese aluminum revit's.
    BUT, of course the safest thing is to take them off.
    Big Red.