Huffy cranbrook finally over 30mph

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  1. Do after much upgrades and custom work I finally got my 48cc 2 stroke going port work has been done yet (waiting for a new job so I can get all I need to clean up the ports and raise the exhaust a bit).do far I got a 36t sprocket with adapter bbr high compression head tuned nt carb no reed valve but boost bottle. My issue is I wanna do some porting but I'm not sure if a reed valve will fit cause the intake manifold that came with the boost bottle was too small so I'm not sure if getting the the reed will work cause of that my motor is a gerbee that I got from bike berry as a discontinued model

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    With a stock HT running 7000 rpm on 26" wheels, 36 T sprocket should yield about 35mph. The way to go faster is to increase revs or jackshaft to gearing on the right side. My 41T sprocket HT motor will only push me to a 29-30mph cruise.
  3. Well the thing is I am still at the stock revs of 5000. I do wanna go and rasise my rpms too 7000 but this would be a first for me in doing this