Huffy Cranbrook Rear Bearings.


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Jan 26, 2021
I need Bearings for a Huffy 26 inch Cranbrook the rear I ordered a Coaster brake set there all to small and Huffy only sells the rear rim there sold out .
The balls in the cages are busted or chipped I cleaned them and greased the day light out of the hub it's a 2020 bike I cant blame huffy for all of it I jammed on the brake when a large dog cut me off it caused the wheel to pull forward and a idiot cut a lane in a car trying to beat a light I was at a stop bar I got a new front rim.
Also any Idea of what brand hub if not Huffy proprietary?
What I ordered "Image".

Thank you

Karl Snarl

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Sep 20, 2019
Never over grease a coaster brake, it will fail as soon as the grease starts flowing. I don't remember the size, but it's not proprietary. It's a cheap fix, just measure your races and take an educated guess with ball count while looking at the cage. Find the closest to your measurements. A coaster brake uses a drive screw attached to a drive/brake cone. Pedaling backwards pushes the cone to the left side, engaging the brakes. pedaling forward brings it to right side, where a friction area is for the cone to lock into. Moving you forward when pedaling. If grease gets in the friction area, it will not lock. Only ever lightly grease the pads and bearings. Coaster brakes used in this purpose require regular maint. to stay working properly. Never ever rely on them as a main brake either, they just don't work well enough, or reliable enough for that.

Oh and you need to check the bearings every single ride. They loosen up from the dirt ring being removed while installing the sprocket. Just lightly crimp the threads where the cone nut is going to side upon reassembly, to help prevent it from backing off.