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    I was introduced today to a Wall Mart 2009 Huffy Cranbrook- my bike alongside of it showed me what people are talking about- the 2009 has 16 gauge spokes. My 2010 has 12 gauge. The 2009 has a SINGLE lug holding the front fender to the forks while my 2010 has TWO lugs. The older bike showed some pretty shagnasty, snaggle-toothed welds where my newer machine showed smooth connections. Even the stupid sprocket chain looked flimsey on that thing!!! I was astounded! Had I studied this website prior to my purchase, I would not have bought the Huffy. I would have bought the Schwinn. I am thinking that the Chinese have recently hit a higher point of the learning curve in building these things and I just happened to catch it- as it was, I ALMOST bought the Schwinn but the visibly heavier spokes on the Huffy sold me.
    I work in Surgery. I am a tech. I have seem motorcycle accidents enough to understand the dangers. I also need reliable transportation. I use this thing in fair weather to commute to work- have done so since September of 2010. The few breakdowns I have encountered have to do with loose bolts, flat tires and running out of gas. The cheap HT 49 cc motor lost it's magneto ground connection over the Winter- I soldered that together in a way to assure it's never a problem again. My 130+ lb boy jumped a curb on this thing without damage to anything... including himself. Those who have encountered one of the earlier Huffys are quite right in saying these things are a deathtrap if you motorize them- the newer ones are a different kettle of fish. Here are my reccomendations;
    Use the HT 49cc engine- legal in more states, seems to have less issues than the 60cc
    Use the Manic Mechanic 44 tooth sprocket and mount for Worksman, you cannot go wrong with it
    Use a tailpipe clamp for the foreward engine mount in conjunction with the adaptor plate in the kit. Ream out the rear mount slightly to accommodate the seat tube
    Get a good caliper brake with aggressive pads and a metal lever for the front brake- used in conjuntion with the rear coaster brake, it will suffice
    GET GOOD MIRRORS AND A GOOD LED HEADLIGHT- ignore or cut off the white wire
    The best match for the tan of the fenders is ACE hardware 'Navaho White' in a rattlecan- do your tank and powerchain guard with this. On the tank, do an extensive 300 wet/dry prep (wet) before you spray. Three to four coats, sand (400 wet) between then let set for a week. Turtlewax it with three coats, let set for another week. Fill it up
    Get some 'chrome' door edge protectional plastic and see if you cannot figure a way to cover the flange around the stupid tank- use a gass-proof glue
    Enjoy the silly thing!!!
    the Old Sgt.

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    ABSOLUTELY I rode mine for a year and all the failures were Chinese-motor related including electrical issues which i solved with a quick disconnect waterproof wire harness
    uick Disconnect 18 Gauge

    Your Price: $1.39
    BG Part Number: CAB2153

    Add this quick disconnect cable. Cut it wherever and hook one end to your project and the other end to your power source. This one comes in 18 gauge wire. Also comes in 10 gauge, 16 gauge, 14 gauge, and 12 gauge.

    I have a line on a good virtually unused Schwinn Panther with much better brakes and I am going to put the fine-running motor springer shock form my huffy on the Schwinn this weekend
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    i love my purple huffy thats the bike i ride and do all my videos from check out my video in the general dicussion page let see the places you ride thread i got my 66cc on it and i love it to death and i get awesome looks everywhere i go huffy made a winner this time with the 12 gauge spokes and the better fabrication i still dont like the fenders but what ever works is fine .