Huffy Cranbrook with a twist

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    Hi everybody, my name is Jordan and this is a build I just recently completed and documented basically every aspect that went into the bike.

    Before the build!
    And after everything was finished!
    The bike is a Huffy cranbrook and the mod list goes on...
    Dax lower end (66cc)
    Fully ported/decked super rat jug
    Drilled/cut/ramped piston
    Japanese wristpin bearing
    Light Wristpin
    Ported bottom end transfer ports
    Thin head gasket
    6cc Fred Head
    BPR8HIX NGK spark plug
    Nt Speed carb w/ HD air filter
    Carb heat shield
    Manic Mechanic 40mm intake
    Custom fatty pipe with 1" header to 7/8" exhaust, also gutted muffler
    36T sprocket drilled
    HD Lightning CDI
    91 octane ethanol free with 80:1 Opti-2 Full synthetic
    Suntour front fork 1" with disc brake
    26" disc brake rim
    Hayes 160mm disc brake kit
    Fat springer seat so my butt doesn't hurt after a ride

    Now that she is all tuned in she is a fun ride. Wonderful cruising at 30mph and hasn't truly been topped out yet due to it just being fully tuned as of yesterday, but has hit 44mph in a short burst on flat ground. Hoping for a little more RPM's out of her but I can't say I am not pleased with the results as of thus far! If anyone has any questions or wants to see some more pictures I have plenty and can basically show any part of the project itself!

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    Exhaust clip before she was actually tuned in!
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    Looks pretty cool. I like the tires and the exaust pipe is pretty sweet. I'm starting a 4 stroke 49cc build in a few weeks using my Dyno Deuce cruiser I got on Craigslist. I'm looking to get a long barrel exhaust after I have it put together.

    My bike uses a 24x3 rear tire so I'm a little worried about the chain bouncing on my rear tire. They are Dyno Fireball tires and I would hate it if anything happened to them. The tires on my bike are worth $50 a piece at least in good shape because they are no longer made.
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    Awesome Job!

    Really enjoyed reading about your build. Your bike is really something to be proud of with all of the attention to detail and quality! Thanks for taking the time to share those details!! Safe Travels. Jim
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    Welcome to the forum from Florida!! Nice bike and sounds really good. Nice to have another Saint aboard.
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    Nice wheels