Huffy Cranbrooke Build questions...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by bully, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I am getting ready to do my second build...want this one to be more along the rat rod / boardtrack racer style.

    I bought a Huffy Cranbrooke. I like the frame style...however, in riding it, I see how cramped feeling these things can be - now i understand the need for a seatpost that scoots the seat back!

    Anyway, on first look-over, i can see that the sprocket hole for the motor sprocket is going to be too small to even fit over the coaster brake arm, much less the wheel hub. How'd ya'll overcome this? Drill it out?

  2. srdavo

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    I used a Cranbrook rear coaster wheel. the sprocket fits nice. you have to remove the brake arm to install the sprocket..... then put the brake arm back on.

    VERY IMPORTANT: The fenders have to go.

    click search above...type in "cranbrook fenders"
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    Use a dremel or rotary tool with a grinding stone bit to make the inner diameter of the rear sprocket big enough to slip over the coaster brake DUST CAP and you'll get a flush (in relation to the rear sprocket) mount. It also helps to have a corded (vs cordless) rotary tool because even my Li-Po'd dremel wasn't up to the task on a single charge, that sprocket is made outta some pretty tough metal. You may have to fine tune it with some files but just remember, when using rag joint sprockets, the more time you put into mounting them (properly) the better your bike will ultimately ride. At that point it's just like srdavo said. Remove brake arm, mount your sprocket, re-install brake arm. I just did my 1st build on a Huffy Panama Jack (same bike pretty much, if i'm not mistaken) and I had to bend my brake arm out a little to clear the heads of the sprocket bolts. Just putting it out there because you might run into the same thing. Hope that helps man :grin5: