Huffy In Frame Fuel Tank

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  1. steveonbroadway

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    Hello all what do you think Is right what should I do different?? This should fit all late model Huffy's...

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  2. steveonbroadway

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  3. darkhawk22

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  4. steveonbroadway

    steveonbroadway New Member

    Not yet I could be done i guess, would have to be thicker material though..
  5. Samdallas214

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  6. steveonbroadway

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  7. TomTom

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    very good job!
  8. Labrat

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    Who supplied the cap and bung? Awesome look. Vision creation and art. Well played. Never saw diamond plate tank. Consider a diamond plate chain guard as a accent?
  9. lickerbox

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    Nice work! I always liked diamond plating. Looks good!
  10. BigBlue

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    Like it! Good suggestion Labrat! A diamond plate chainguard would look cool.

    AKA: BigBlue
  11. ChiefGeek

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    dittos good job! I'm trying to find a 1905 Harley Davidson style tank for my retro tribute bike, any ideas?
  12. Sgt. Howard

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    with rather primitive brake and welding gear, it is not hard to make.... assuming you can weld a gas-tight seal on a routine basis. The 1905 tank works well on the double straight top tube Worksman- look it up
  13. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    What capacity is that tank?
  14. darwin

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    Nice looking tank, how is it secured to the frame? Don't see any mounts at all. Might be on the bottom........................
  15. paulwine

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    Can you make another one of these? plain flat steel tho