Huffy Mtn Bike..Motorized

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by IFFY, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. IFFY

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    15 Speed Huffy with boygofast engine kit. Has been ridden 90+ miles and everything is good to go. Tires on the bike are good. I added a storage box (plastic battery box) behind the seat for a little storage. (ie. lunchbox)

    My reasons for selling is that I now have a couple 100 CC motorcycles and I am subjected to riding on a highway for part of my trip to work.

    I can get some pictures to e-mail to those interested. I'm located in Southeast Missouri about 1.5 Hr South of St. Louis. Meeting up closer to St. Louis may be a possibility. Price $275


    (573) 788-2574

  2. hwt_cookie

    hwt_cookie New Member

    what cc is the motor and would sell just the motor and not the bike i have a bike need a motor?
  3. IFFY

    IFFY New Member

    The engine is the one that boygofast advertises at 80CC on Ebay. I have read that they may not actually be that large. Whatever the size the engine is, it has performed well.

    Thanks for your question about selling just the engine, but I'd want to sell the entire bike/motor as is.

  4. starkm32

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    Would like to know if it is a girl's/boy's bike; how much is shipping to 01002.

    Pixs would be a clincher.:-|
  5. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    Pictures would help, will you ship? MI 49057?
  6. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    Hope the OP hasnt fallen off this $ALE, or her bike.:shock:
  7. starkm32

    starkm32 Member

    I believe I know what may have happened.:shock:

    Lynn, I hope the flooding isnt endangering you, or your family. Ole Miss is still cresting.....
  8. IFFY

    IFFY New Member

    No 'Ole Miss flooding problem, just kinda fell of the face of the earth for a while. Sorry to have not followed up. The motorized Huffy is still available and probably has about 120-130 miles on it now. The clutch handle and throttle both broke but have been rebuilt out of aluminum (I'm a fabricator) and I'm sure any future problem will not be either of those two parts!

    Price is still $275. Picture added, I hope

    BTW...I'm a Mr. not a Ms.

    (573) 788-2574

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  9. artmaker

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    Thought I should post a follow up here.
    I GOT my bike!!!

    now DHL totally smashed the fenders, I'm hoping the guy who sold it to me can help with a claim against them. No reason either of us should have to pay for that.
    But... bent fenders aside, I had my very first ride tonight.
    WOW!!!!!!!!! zoom zoom!!!!!!
    I can see why you all are motorized addicts! I'm hooked!!!!

    I'm sure I'll be posting here as things come up, namely the kill switch got smashed in transit. I'd like to either fix or replace that. Be nice to be able to turn the motor off on those long down hills. Seems simple enough. Just a button. For now I have to just kill the motor. Hate doing that.

    Zippity doo da. I"m off!
  10. IFFY

    IFFY New Member

    If this doesn't go soon I guess it will be off to e-bay, although I'd rather not. Anybody interested? Please e-mail or call (573) 788-2574 if interested. Thanks

  11. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Are you advertising anywhere else?

    Put it on your local with a good description and some full size
    hosted pics in the ad

  12. astring

    astring Member

    that will go quick on craigslist
  13. artmaker

    artmaker Member

    Oh I'd avoid ebay! Have you read their latest dumb rule changes now? YIKES!

    Try MUCH better. Not as well known but I believe listing is free. (Till it sells.) Ebay blows.
  14. IFFY

    IFFY New Member

    I've had it on St. Louis and Southeast Missouri craigslist. Several calls, even one "appointment" to come look at it but no one has come through. I'll give it a bit more time here and maybe try craigslist again. I'd rather avoid ebay as well.