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    has anyone seen this bike i have just found one its called a rail i think i have been looking up info on it its h7 in the serial number i think that 1969 the other thing i like to ask is it looks to be a 26 inch but its low like a 20 inch the rims are 26 and looks to be correct ..there is a lot of room on this bike very comfy most likey the seat post i think iam goin to make a copper type bike out of this any thoghts what you would do goin to try a 80 cc eng.i dont like the tank ideal on the top rail under the seat might be cool or run a copper tube under that top rail 2 inch might be cool i cant ever remember this bike ive never seen one even any help on this thanks in advance

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  2. Definitely needs the banana seat.

    Wow. A 26 inch version of my beloved childhood memory.

    NICE find!

    That T-bar shifter is gonna be IMPOSSIBLE to find,though.
  3. Frame problem?

    Hi, check closely, it looks like that seatpost has damaged the top of the seattube.

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    mike yes indeed it is damaged iam not worried about it ,,i can fix it easy enough

    large so u really remember this bike ive never seen it it did come in 26 inch. then it sure looks like it did .....and we are the same age i know i was into my cherry crate in the 70s hey iam thinking a chopper style bike with this one flat bar springer front end 20 inch front rim the head tube looks long to me ..might be a issue ,,then again might not be maybe.. more to fit it just trying to get a feel for the bike style iam not sure i want a banana seat on it if i do i could get a tall sissy bar still thinking like i said but i realy like the frame well i seen one on ebay i didnt like it much has two levers on it and some wood grain (same as my dad station wagon ) i was thinking i could make one the clutch i dont think i want gears on this bike i dont use them on my other bike good eye mike thanks will look at that first see if it can be fixed the bike looks like it has all differnt kind of metal all over it some look to be like copper and some a shiny steel seat post looks to be like copper if that possible
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    Check out There is all kinds of info on that site.
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    no luck there but cool link thanks
  7. copper?

    when you say it looks like copper what you may be seeing is brass. I can't say for a huffy but most quality bikes of your before tig welding chinese sweat shops were brazed. Even low dollar ones up into the 80s were usually done proper even though they didn't use the fine thinwalled tubing that demanded it.
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    I can't say that I remember that bike. It's obviously Huffy's answer to the Schwinn 5-speed StingRay. At a guess, they probably didn't sell many. That would be why no one remembers 'em
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    Same bike my dad told me he had back in the 60s
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    i had the 3 speed modeled after that one only it had 20
    wheels and painted fenders same cheeter slick
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    My first motoredbike was a Zipper kit mounted on one of those frames (26") I still have the frame. It was painted camoflauge... Back in 1998. A friend gifted it to me. It is a huffy, based on the rail, but the 26" were not a rail, that was just the frame design at that time. I can'r remember the model, but if you go to the Huffy website, email them the serial numbers and ask them they will send you a color photocopy of the model and year bike from the catalog archives...
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    shoot, the 70's rocked...along with the coolest tunage, we had the coolest's some i found after seeing your rail:

    it's pretty easy to make a t-bar shifter, use rubber washers/tensioners 'steada the clicky-thingy, i had a great one made out of aluminum rod, threaded for a hurst t-handle :helmet:
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    Might double check the welds. nice bike.