huffy nel lusso vs huffy cranbrook

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    Which one is going to work best?
    I weight like 240

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    I test rode the Nel Lusso; it is a very solid bike for Walmart bikes. I mean it really depends on your engine setup; both will fit a 2-stroke and 4-stroke (though you might have to cut that small bar below the top bar; it has been done).The Nel Lusso has an attached rear rack, which I love for putting another gas tank on and is solid; however, if you are going a friction drive build obviously that is going to be an issue. You would want to add front brakes since it might be hard to stop with your weight, bike, and engine with only a coaster brake.
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    I have a Nel Lusso that has a 80cc motor or whatever it really is CC wise. The Cranbrook is OK but i went with the Nel Lusso because of the basket, the cup holder, cell phone holder and rear rack.

    You will need to use short bolts in the front mount and of course the U bolt. The threaded rods won't work in the front due to the oversized tube.
    I bought a couple bolts from Ace hardware and they work fine.

    To get the coaster brake arm off i used a 17mm wrench and a hammer and smacked the coaster brake arm in the opposite direction the wrench wanted to turn a couple good times and all was well.
    The rear sprocket i have on mine was made by a fellow MB that has a lathe machine so i didn't have to grind down the dust cap.
    The seat is comfortable as well

    To me it rides like a luxury car. The other bike i had vibrated like crazy and the Nel Lusso rides like a champ.

    Oh i didn't have to bend the brake arm neither like i have seen posted.

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