Huffy Panama Jack question... Pls help!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Usaman303, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys, new member to the forum here. A couple weeks ago I ordered a 2 stroke kit for my huffy panama jack, with plans to make it SAFE (above all else) before I ever think of making it "fast" ...should I ever have that desire :evilgrin:

    Anywho, the 1st thing on my list as far as safety's concerned is replacing the rag joint sprocket with a manic mechanics sprocket adapter. There's only one problem with that... I have looked everywhere online, read the manual that came with my bike, and even asked another MAB enthusiast in town if he happened to know..

    The great mystery of the century is... the diameter of the rear hub on the huffy panama jack. Which has the same (if I'm not mistaken) frame style as a huffy cranbrook, If that helps. I have the money burning a hole in my pocket as my bike is 90% done, the only thing left is not having a carburetor. For some reason the company I ordered my kit from thought I'd be fine without one, so I wait for a racing carb that should be here in a couple of days (I was going to get one anyways because of the limited capability of the NT). I'm excited to fire up my contraption for the first time, but a part of me also wants to hold out for the MM sprocket adapter. I know there is a possibility that if I try to start it up with the rag joint on it, my spokes could be destroyed. And even though I ultimately plan on buying some Maxxis Hookworms one day, I'd still like to make the wheels I've got last as long as possible.

    If anyone can please tell me what the diamater of the rear hub is, or how I could figure it out. The MM sprocket adapters aren't really cheap, so I don't really wanna buy the wrong one. Thanks so much everyone, cheers


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    Welp, I emailed Huffy and as it turns out, they are also unable to answer this great question our universe has presented me with. Direct quote from huffy customer service; "I am sorry we do not get a breakdown on the hub, we purchase our wheels completely assembled. It would measuring your hub from your bike." If I had some digital calipers laying around I wouldn't be emailing you... grr.
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    Good brakes.

    That won't keep your Huffy back wheel coaster brake and bearings from self destructing.
    Just a heads up.