Human hierarchy+wolves, seriously, what's in your home!

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    There are many people who dispell the whole GOD concept. I meet the argument squarely, that we are not all just animals who live on this planet...

    Today is opening day of deer season in NY... I've taken my fair share of deer, making sure each never suffered more than it should... I have a profound respect for life, meaning any that co-inhabit this Earth with us...

    I've also got a family member that feels a dog is just a dog... Worse than a second class citizen... Meaning it's ok to partake in certain actions such as, jerk a choke collar arround it's neck (because you had a bad day), not give fresh water ("it would drink out of a puddle if it was a stray") and leave it alone for 9-10 hrs a day....

    The dog I speak of is not a mutt, (even if it was) this is still unexceptable... He knows six or more names and told to bring his toy to the named individual, would!!! The dog has no formal training and was rescued from our SPCA in NY.

    Before I sound like (puke at the thought), a bleeding heart Liberal, is it wrong for me to want to put the collar arround the owners neck?

    Hal be it, this dog is one harrassing MF'R... He gets left alone 8+hrs and figures he'll make up for it!!! There are times when he jabber jaws, yaps, ROOOO, talks and barks in your face (enough to make the POPE flip), I've litterally held him down and held his mouth closed(without hurting), (he still crys, killer whale sounds)! Is this reason to beat him because you can't talk on the phone?

    The way I look at it is this, the closest hierarchy to the human family is the wolf.... It wasn't the dogs choice to be brought into the house... If the dog had thumbs, it could be trained to get it's own water, food, and let itself outside... If I sound too Liberal, the Republicans would make it shovel it's own s h i t too!!! Thought you'd get a laugh!

    The deal is here, a much larger picture... If your dog is able to relate too and recognize you??? Would the bee in the nest outside your porch notice if Guss, his buddie,(who he slept in the hive next too) was gone? What of the ants upon your lawn you've been warring with?

    It's a little known fact that even science can't tell appart a Labrador's blood from a Chiua's from a Huskies from a Wolf.

    Just if, that unproven fact became truth upon death........ Would humans be any more special to God than the other animals here on Earth???

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    Whyizzit that you liberals think that conservatives don't value animal lives? We sure do, but the difference is that the libtard will value an animals life as much (or even more) than human life.

    Whether you are a liberal or conservative, animal abuse is abhorrent.
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    AG's right, I'm Conservative and I love animals. I've always been a dog lover but I have a special place in my heart for all animals that mix well with charcoal. As my buddy Ted Nugent says "Kill It & Grill It".

    Speaking of deer, what do you Yankees like to harvest with, you shoot or stick? We do both down south, I'm old school, nothing high tech, I find a 270 works very well with 140 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip over 50 gr. of 760. At 300 yards it will also do wonders on yotes, a little heavy but still better than my 5.56mm.
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    Sounds like we kinda agree... I was only bustin chops about LIB/Con views to get some laughs... I honestly think tho, that all life is held equal before our creator. Certainly human life should hold precedence and we are certainly forgiven the food we eat and ant we step on... We should take responsibility to see nothing suffer tho. I felt guilty spraying the nest of hornets in my garage!

    When I was at GM, it hit 135 degrees for about 2 weeks straight... Lift 8 tons of steel a day in that heat!!! My co-workers were passing out on the job. The Company kept tryin to make schedule by ridding our backs. We'd have our own personal boss on the job... They'd come out and watch us, sweat bullets in their nice white shirt for a 1/2hr and go back in the AC/ office and send another white shirt out!

    Eventually, I got mad enough at the harassment, as if the heat wasn't bad enough... I called our Union Stewart out (wouldn't stick up for us) and threatened to smuggle a dog onto the job. Sayin we'll chain him up, give him fresh food and water and not even expect him to work!!! Then we'll call PITA out here and see if they have anything to say about it! The Company suddenly back right off, given my work crews past record for starting trouble when we had too. The last thing you need is to pass out and fall in one of these machines!
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    Ted is of the first water and I'm glad he's out there protecting our rights!

    I know a guy who shot a doe his first year out on State land up here... Shot her in the back of the head from his hip, 1 shot about 10yds away... He covered her with snow to keep the meat cool because he didn't have a permit and proceeded to look for his Grandfather and Father for an hr. before giving it away to a happy stranger.

    My Grandfather left me an old Model 12, 16gage (real nice shotgun) very accurate for not being riffled, consistent hits at 100yds. I've made money w/her!

    That 270 setup sounds like it would knock the stuffing out of something! I've got a 5.56 (.223) also... Decked out for target, free floating barrel ect. NY just made it legal to use in certain parts of the State. She sure likes eating the 50grain V-max by Black hills! Woodchucks at 250yds, put your finger on where you want it hit! I'm having trouble getting that ammo up here tho... Black Hills rocks!

    You can use a bow up here but I'm not good with a compound, I've been out with a recurve but never seen anything with it.

    As far as .223, how far will it shoot flat? I've never shot this thing over 300yds. Very accurate!
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    I like all of the animals on this Earth...especially the ones that fit nicely between the potatoes and peas
  7. arceeguy

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    If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them taste so good?
  8. Turtle Tedd

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    I wonder when it was..and who it was..that first said.. " I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes out of that chickens *** "
  9. srdavo

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    hahahaha !!!!

    here's one, for you meat eaters....

    But seriously, Marty..... I don't think humans are the superior beings. We created money & taxes..... caused wars.... crime..... hate... etc.
    Look at how animals survive in nature. Survival Of the Fittest. No credit ratings.... they are not using up the Earth's resources & Look at birds! they can fly!! how cool is that?

    Survival of the Fittest..... how many of us could hunt/fish/forage for food?

    Food (or lack of) for thought.
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    Due mostly to health issues, I don't hunt anymore. In my early years I did most of my hunting with a Winchester saddle carbine, lever action Model 94, made in 1928. Got it from my grandfather, who bought it new. Open iron sights, firing silvertip hollow points, it was a reliable tool for hunting deer, elk, coyote, javelinas, and I used it to kill the only mountain goat I ever got.

    In Africa what little hunting I did was with a Mauser, WW2 vintage Karabiner 09K, sporterized with a cut-down forestockwith a variable 7 to 12 power scope. Very effective weapon.

    In the 1980's I got into crossbow archery, and most of the hunting I did was with a very nice crossbow my brother and I built - goats-foot lever cocking with a stirrup, it had a 160 lb draw. I could put an X razor arrowhead on a 14 inch quarrel through doubled up 3/4 inch plywood easily with it. I used it on a bunch of deer, and several javelina.

    Then in the early 1990's I went pig stickin' - hunting wild hogs in the Big Thicket on horse back with a 12 foot hog spear. Talk about a major adrenaline rush. A 600 pound enraged boar bursting out of the brush 30 feet away at 20 mph will get the old ticker to hammering, I'll tell you that.

    Animals deserve respect, and fair treatment. Which means, to me, if I need to kill one (for any reason) I try to do it cleanly, quickly, and only when necessary. I grew up on a farm, and I know they feel the pain of wounds just as do I - it is my obligation to inflict as little pain as possible in the harvest.
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    I know that GOD made us in his image.. therefore we are by our design favored amongst the animals, our favor with the creator is after all the main tenant of satan's hatred for all things human.

    I do also know that Adam was given the task to name the animals signifying man's dominion over the animal kingdom by right of GOD... whether or not that includes animal abuse is between you and GOD. Hunting for food/clothing/tools is our GOD given right, I dont think abuse of the animal is considered part of that but what is the definition of "abuse". Is a caged California condor with a 12 foot wing span in a 15 foot cage abuse??? The zoo keepers for FACT facility at the CSUB campus don't think it is but I do... so each individual definition of abuse is going to be different...

    Do I think a choke collar is abuse??? No... it is intended to mimic the mothers teeth, thereby giving you that maternal control over the animal. Is a shock collar abuse... YES. Is kicking your dog abuse... YES. Are you going to **** because you kicked your dog its whole life... probably not.
  12. machiasmort

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    If we are to bring God into this, remember one thing Brother... The more knowledge he gives you, the more he expects from you!

    Yes, God created man in his own image, and everything else too!

    In the animal world Canis Lupus evolved to become mans best friend... Man decided to keep these loyal companions arround...

    You are smart enough to realize that they don't have thumbs and while there are some smart ones out there, they aren't as smart as us... Without thumbs, they can't let themselves outside or give themselves water and food...

    When the gavel falls Brother, it's going to be ALL about what kind of servant we've been to our Master! I only bring things like this up because, I don't want to see anybody begging at his table!