Hummer with Zenoah Komatsu Engine

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    I use a scooterguy type setup with one rear derailuer
    When I miss a shift
    I destroy the rear axle , freewheel, rear derailuer , chain and the , the twist shifter.
    All so fast it would make your head spin to see the carnage.
    I can not see how this guy could keep everything aligned.
    with two rear dérailleurs.

    Amazon loves me.
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    good point

    would it be better if it is an internal gear hub?
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    I bought a nuvinci hub go getaway from dérailleurs.
    I just have not installed it yet.
    A continuously variable ration setup with one freewheel usually 22 tooth
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    I use the scooterguy setup also. A Tanaka 2.8hp 47R engine is being used, which shifts well at 7500 rpm or below. At one time, GP460 engines were used on my Diamondback MB.

    I don't remember missing shifts, but I always worried about what damage would occur if/when I did with either engine. I was always shifting under a little throttle but not at high rpm, which sounds like powershifting.

    Now I have learned to simply release the throttle, then shift gears. This allows me to rev the engine up to a higher rpm before shifting gears. I inspect my sprockets, chain and derailleur while wiping down my bike every day. There is no visible damage. I am very surprised that my bike chain has lasted so long without repairs. Before I solved the chain problems, repairing the chain was almost a daily issue.

    I also bought a NuVinci hub to solve my chain breaking/jumping issues. However, since the chain problems were resolved, the NV hub will be used in my Project 29er, a twin-GP460 engined rear rack mount. This setup is for additional torque to reach the speed limit in quicker fashion.

    Twins are also needed in case one of the 460 engine's clutch springs decide to break, far from home.:whistling:
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