Husky wheels, what's needed?

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  1. I'm looking at buying a set of Husky bicycle wheels (drum front and coaster rear wheel) and I noticed that the rear coaster doesn't mention that it comes with a sprocket for the pedal chain. I have a Cranbrook cruiser and I was wondering if the one I already have would work, or what else would I need to purchase?

    Here are the wheels I'm looking at buying


    Sorry, I don't know how to link them other than cut and paste. I'd like to order everything in one shot, rather than find out that I don't have some parts and have to wait to get everything. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Why don't you order a peddal sprocket for the wheel from the same place while you're at it.
  3. I guess that's part of my question, do I need it and if so, what all do I need? I saw they had sprockets for sale but, do they mount directly to the hub? Mine has a thread that goes into the hub on my current wheel. If this simply bolts on, then all I'd need is a sprocket. being new to bikes, I'm just looking for advice from someone who may have already used this wheel or, has more experience than I do. Again, any info is appreciated.

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    I bought Husky wheels and the rear coaster came with a sprocket, but I ended up using the sprocket off my old wheels for the ratio. The sprocket should be a kind of a standard style that has 3 semicircular protrusions that locate the sprocket on the hub and a snap ring that holds it on. At leasts that's what mine was- a Shimano CB-110.

    Like this:

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    mine came with a sprocket as well :)
  6. I emailed them and got a response back that all of their coaster wheels come with a sprocket. that's good news.

    Now, if I were a wishin' man, I'd wish for a 26X2.125 wheel in black. IF I were crazy wishin, I'd love to have a black wheel, spokes AND hub (rear) and drum brake (front). If I could tear down and re-spoke a wheel, it would be a no-brainer but, I'm afraid that I'd prove to be the no-brainer if I tried it.

    Now, my question is this, IF I were to pull all the spokes and paint everything the way I want, could I then take it to our bike shop and pay them for their time and expertise to put it all together again? Can you re-spoke a wheel using the same spokes? What would I have to watch out for? I can wait to do it right if indeed, doing it that way IS doing it right. Any and all info is highly welcome!
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    As to the 1st question, call a bike shop BEFORE you tear the wheel apart and ask them. The people here can't speak for a bike shop. But depending on the shop and how busy they are, They'd probably do it. They may at least try and sell you new spokes tho. Honestly tho, wheel building is not that hard. Do some research for wheel building. Sheldon Brown comes to mind. I've seen vids on YouTube also. Yes you can reuse the same spokes, IF they are in good condition. I have done just what you want to do because I liked painted rims for my project. Got the S/A front drum and Also rebuilt the rear wheel using a new Grubee HD freewheel hub using the original 1970ish rim and spokes from my last built wheel. Actually got a really good build and as true as could be, if I do say so myself. I wouldn't have a bike shop do anysuchthing for me. Gain confidence by working on an old wheel. Start by just truing it.
    C'mon, you can do this!