Hybrid Bike (GAS and ELECTRIC)

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    Hi, I am just starting making my first motorized bike. The main motor is going to be an 80cc kit. Running on the chain is going to be a d.c. motor that will produce electricity. The electricity will charge a battery bank that will operate my lights and accessories. when the batteries are full, I will switch the generator to a motor again and run off electricity. It will be like a hybrid bike. Anyone have any ideas or comments? I don't think anyone has done this before, have they?

    I need help finding a sprocket for the generator. It has to fit the 415 chain and have a small bore. Let me know if you know where to get one because I cant find one anywhere.

    Also, is there another name for the 415 chain?

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    Oops, this post slipped by without comment.

    Short answer yes, not much new under the sun, son.
    If you do a thorough search in the archives here you'll find much discussion pertaining to your ideas with qualified engineering types reporting actual data suggesting a small engine like you are talking about powering a generator under load will leave nothing to power the drive train of the bike.

    Not that it's a bad idea but there is no perpetual motion machine...yet.

    One of my pet schemes is a tribrid: human, ICE, Ehub with regenerative braking that could be used to trickle charge a smaller/lighter_than_usual LiPo battery pack and have the whole thing weigh less than a tank. :D (at least less than 100 lbs.)
  3. yes people tryed to do it before,it works for hybrid cars,
    goodluck and have fun.tip: look up hybid cars for more information.
    electric trike + generator + fast battery charger or
    electric bike + gas motor + 12v or 24v alternator
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    I got my hybrid (or tribrid) running today. A little rubbery on the gravel road with the added weight. Battery pack weighs in at 28.5#. Motor weighed at 14.5#.

    I could not think of a way to make a dual throttle, so I used an old shift lever to make a thumb throttle. It is mounted under the bar so I can activate if as I twist the electric throttle. Other than that it was a straight forward installation.
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    Bravo, major points for a pioneering effort.
    Do keep us informed how it settles in as this deserves it's own thread.
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    What DC motor did you use for the electric?
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    How did the mpg testing go today?
    Any generator or dynamo?
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    The rubber feeling was caused by loose spokes. I got that fixed and re-trued the wheel. Now rain for two days. I am willing to bet the front (motor) wheel hurts gas miles a little since it has more resistance to turning. I can feel it pass each magnet as I rotate the axle. Hoping it will loosen up at least a little with use.

    Before I made the wheel fix I got it up to 17 mph on a slight upgrade and a good headwind (NWS said 21 mph).

    My driveway is loose gravel that has never allowed me to drive on it using gas, but I can now using electric only. (There was an SUV, and a Harley get stuck in the gravel. lol).

    I have a webpage for the bike and will update it periodically. http://flapdoodle.250free.com/80cc.html

    But will still post here. My thoughts are to a Velomobile. However the simplest might be adding power to a commercial trike.

    The motor has three heavy wires that I assume are power. There are 4 lighter wires I think are control. Rotating the wheel with a digital voltmeter indicated a disappointing 7 volts. Maybe it needs a control voltage to make it work? It does have electric braking capabilities, and electronic cruise control that I have yet to figure out how to make work.
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    It is nice to see you got a motor to fit on that frame. I bought one and used it for parts and it wasn't even very good for that. The frame is sitting on the side of my house, someday maybe I will find a cheap electric hub and use the frame.