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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 48rob, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. 48rob

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    I have a gas bike now;


    It works fine, nothing wrong with it, except it is noisy, as gas engines are.
    I use it at campgrounds and other places where it is better to not be noisy.

    The bike is pretty heavy already, so I don't peddle much...
    I'd like to add a front hub motor to be able to use it where noise is an issue, and then use gas once away from the restricted areas.
    I've read some are freewheel, and some not.
    Seems a non freewheel would be a bad idea, both for peddling if needed, and creating a drag for the gas engine?
    I'm not after speed, my gas setup with the hill climbing gear tops out at 25-28mph.
    If the electric could do 20 or so, It would be plenty.

    I also have an older Currie, but it tops out at 12mph and only goes 3-5 miles before needing a recharge.
    Since I already have a good gas bike, adding electric seems a better choice than buying another bike and then having to choose which one to keep?

    Any thoughts?



  2. professor

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    My 2 cents is to silence what you already have, much longer exhaust with added mufflers and added silencing on the intake should do it.
    Doing e-bike onto your bike will add lots of weight and cost a lot too.
  3. 48rob

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    Thanks for your thoughts.

    That pic is old, since then I have added much length to the exhaust, and switched mufflers.
    I have the exhaust so quiet you can barely hear it, but the engine itself is still loud.
    The only solution I think, is to build an insulated box around it, or buy a super quiet Honda Generator type setup, but they are engineered to be quiet by the design of the enclosure, so I'm back to square one.
    Adding another 30+ pounds isn't that big a thing, since the only time I peddle is once in a blue moon, just for fun, or to be legal.
    Can you point me to a thread about intake silencing?