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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by rexamillion59, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. rexamillion59

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    Love it overall. The 500watt hub motor works great 20 mph no problem have hit 25. And the gas engine works great with the 8 speed internal hub rear wheel. My problem is any time I start my gas engine my electric motor shuts down and I get error controller problems. I have to plug the charger in the battery to get the system going again. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

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  2. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Is it electric interference from the ignition system messing up the controller, or the motive push messing up the controller's feedback?

    If it is ignition interference,
    1) use a resistor plug and resistor wire
    2) put the coil and plug wire as far from the controller and its wiring as possible.
    3) encase the coil, sparkplug wire, controller and controller wires in as much grounded conductive cover as possible (Faraday Cage).

    If it is motive push overpowering the controller electronics you will have to try another controller or put a main power or disconnect switch in the circuit for when you use the gas motor.

    Not that I have any experience with your specific installation, but this is what I'd do in an industrial application.

  3. rexamillion59

    rexamillion59 New Member

    Thanks Steve for your response. I believe it's electric interference. I will try your suggestion
  4. rexamillion59

    rexamillion59 New Member

    I moved the controller to the handle bars and solved the problem
  5. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Ah! Wonderful!

    Can you post more picts and a write up to what you've done. I'm really interested.
    I just put together my first 48cc gas shifter, have a mid mount electric and 10ah LiFe batteries ready to go.

    Looking for any tips, ideas and advice.

  6. rexamillion59

    rexamillion59 New Member

    Yes I will post tonight when I get home
  7. rexamillion59

    rexamillion59 New Member

    Very nice I am going to do a mid drive next.
    But for this build I purchased a gas tank pedistol frame from eBay.
    Then a 49cc kit also from eBay and a jackshaft shifter kit from sick bike parts.
    I had to make a plate for front mount to make the engine fit with the jackshaft. I bought a shamano nexus 8 speed internal gear hub with roller brake.
    A 500 watt geared hub motor for the front wheel and a monarch springer front end. The handle bar is a bit cluttered. On the left side its the electric throttle and clutch lever on the right side duel brake lever, gear selector and engine throttle.
    It actually went together fairly easy.
    I ended up moving the controller to handle bar tool bag

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  8. rexamillion59

    rexamillion59 New Member

    The only problem I see with a mid drive motor and a shifter kit gas engine is the chain ring needing two freewheel.
    I will be finding out in the near future.
    Please share your build
  9. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    So do shifters not freewheel? I didn't know that:D
    Learn something new everyday
  10. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    I can see no obstacles to overcome other than the exhaust pipe. The mid mount electric motor could even start the engine if it has the torque. The SBP electric motor and shift kit has a freewheel on the motor (so it cannot be used as a charger for the battery) and their UHD freewheel with double row bearings can support the three chainrings. I will definitely build one next time I win the lottery! :)
  11. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Rex, I just put together a 48cc shifter as the basis for the hybrid. I have a motor to mount ahead of the pedal stem, a freewheel on the motor and room to mount another sprocket on the shifter pedal shaft if I have to. Ideally the 36v electric motor will start the gas motor when the clutch is released. Too much drag on the motor to use for charging. Do not have charging figured out yet and lots of mechanical to do yet. This project is getting heavy fast. Shifter jackshaft frame is 1/4" steel and sprockets are solid. Thank goodness I have LiFe batteries and not Lead Acid. Putting miles on the shifter working bugs out so far. Need to build a pipe to make room for a motor. I'll have another camera soon and post picts when I can.

    My freewheel is a 16t freewheel sprocket threaded onto a pedal with the sprockets bolted to it. I have an idea for an adaptor with a bearing taking some of the load off the freewheel.

    Switched to 1/2" x 1/8" BMX chain on both bikes. DO IT! Smoother and quieter. So far 50 kms on the shifter and 100+ on the single speed. No chain stretch yet with the GIANT brand (good quality) BMX chain.

  12. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    You have to put a freewheel in the pedals, or the motor will overpower your feet. My right peal crank is threaded for a 16t rear BMX style freewheel and the motor and drive sprockets are bolted to it. Cannot coast and bump start. Have to kick start with the pedals. Takes a bit of a knack. I have to agree with Jag that a well build single speed is quite competitive with a non-refined shifter.

  13. rexamillion59

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    Nice glad to hear you are making progress. And got it going . I'd like to see some pictures. And more about dual freewheel and triple chain ring.
    Yeah starting the engine takes a little practice. I sometimes start it before I take off . Kick it over while on the center stand.