Hybrid Road Bike moped?



Hello, all. For starters: I have a hybrid Scott sportster bike and I'm not too sure that putting an 80cc motor kit would be an einstein plan. I was wondering, do any of you have road bikes or hybrid bikes that you've converted? If so, do they run well? fast? If not, then what's your educated guess? I just want to make sure I've got the right bike before I end up half way through a tree.



I take it you mean by a hybird the light bikes? that weigh like 20 pounds or 15 and are thin? If so Im not to sure about putting a 80cc on it you could ask someone other then myself have not tried it. I would suggest getting a nice mountain bike, I had my motor on a schwinn OOC stingray chopper pretty bumpy and small for me since im 6'1 putting it on a mountain bike was a good idea for me Smooth ride, just got back from a night ride was pretty fun :).


First off, I have absolutely NO actual hands-on experience messing with engines on bicycles. I am relatively new to this. BUT, given that I am fairly familiar with bicycles in general, I can try to offer you a few pointers.

Is the bike in question really a road bike, or is it a hybrid? ( I have a hybrid, and it weighs in at about 37 lbs - more than most mountain bikes. I also have a road bike, and it weighs about 25.) If it's a road bike, the frame and wheels may not be up to the task of absorbing the power put out by the 80cc motor. 80ccs puts out a lot of power, and the frame may just not be strong enough to deal with the stresses and vibrations.

If you could find the weight of the bike in question that would help a lot in determining if it might be up to the job.

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personally, I would be afraid of bending those skinny rims with the torque from these little engines (I haven't rode a skinny tired bike since they came out with mountain bikes in early eighties... bent to many rims just braking)


If you put different tires on it (thicker rims and fat tires, but not as knobby as mb tires) you might be ok.

Judging from how many people blow out fat tires on here with these engines, those road bike tires and rims would not last long.


I have absolutely no experience w/ those frame mount motors... however, that said:

Road bikes are out. Even the older steel frames which could stand the abuse still have drop bars, rigid forks and 700cc rims w/ high pressure tires, not comfortable.

Hybrids, mountain bikes and cruisers are basically the way to go though there do seem to be quite a few people around here that are motorizing 'Stingray' shapes.

I ride a hybrid. It's a Giant Sedona w/ a 25cc GEBE and I just love it. Front suspension, 26" rims and oversized frame tubes come together in a nice way.

I think my next project is going to be a Giant Trance 1 w/ the 40cc Gebe kit.



I don't know if the engine will fit in that frame....if it does, it's gonna be really tight. I'd find a more open frame.

Equal size tubing helps installation a lot too.