HybriPed freewheeling/pedal start sprocket for 2-strokes

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    The common frame-mounted engine arrangement has one big shortcoming - you can't freewheel downhill.

    With the HybriPed Sprocket, now you can. See for yourself


    Note that the HybriPed Sprocket is compatible with the existing (36 spoke) hub that is already on most cruiser, mountain or road bikes. More info on the HybriPed website.
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  2. DetonatorTuning

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    EXCELLENT !! good on ya mate.

    wonderful insight and creative out of the box approach to a real improvement.

    you should do quite well indeed.

    all the best,
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    Your video says "removed by the user."
    I found this one though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aGcHRCXkdQ
    Did you make this video?

    I am still interested in this product, esp for my next build (not sure when it will be though) or for a later upgrade to this bike.

    I have a common Hi stop coaster brake with 12g spoke 36h Alex DH rim.

    if it can work on this hub I may buy it sooner.

    I am also interested in it for friends projects and a 10 speed type bike I want to build later.

    PS thanks for listening and making your website offer individual photos instead of the rapid slide show only.
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    I'd have to have a look at the coaster hub, but it could work but would need difference parts.

    The beauty of the HybriPed Ped-Power Sprocket is that it adapts to 36 spoke stock rims set up for derailleur gears. It gives you pedal-start motor + pedal cycle. It really comes into its own when you have a long downhill run, like I have.
  5. V 35

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    How does Hydra Ped mount ? [ cushion ? ]

    The Hydra ped makes sense from a safety standpoint, your left hand does
    not need to hold clutch. I wish the video showed the ' other ' side of
    the sprocket, too many photos show ' Beauty ' side, not mounting side, not
    just Hydra Ped, but * most * sprocket vendors do this.

    I'm concerned about spoke tear out, and plan to use a clamshell brace,
    yet, I doubt I can with this sprocket. Any ideas ?
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    Visit HybriPed.com website and find the link [Installation Guide Slide Show]. It shows how it is assembled.

    The HybriPed Sprocket is far superior to the standard sprocket. The 18 fasteners firmly braces the spokes so that they do no fatigue. I've never broken or needed to replace a spoke. Of course, the spokes can still become loose but you can apply a thread locker on the nipple.
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    This looks great,love the free wheel! I will consider this for my build. I ride a SC-30 Raliegh sport comfort. I've had a heart transplant and when I ride for my exercise sometimes its hard to get back ( I get to tired) this would work great. Do you think it will fit my bike?

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  8. happycheapskate

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    I will keep in mind that it is made for conventional bikes (shimano style derailleur hubs and stock wheels). Thanks for the info.

    What would be required to use it on the coaster hub?
  9. Big Blue

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    Thier home page says no coaster hubs, so guess it won't work with one.
    •the rear wheel must NOT have a disc brake or hub brake
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  10. happycheapskate

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    I understand, that is about avoiding interference with the coaster counter torque arm, or the disc brake system. My conversation with him was about coaster hubs because there are plenty of dependable and affordable coaster brake wheels (36h, thick spokes, heavy hub shell and large bearings, hardened steel pedal driven cog) that can be converted for $1 worth of washers, to freecoaster hub for use with rim brakes. Many riders might already have these wheels (which are commonly compatible with the standard Grubee kit cogs), so it could make people more interested in the hybriped system.

    If you want to convert to rim brakes on the rear (left hand control), there are modified brake-lever/shifter pod combos sold from MB parts stores, that use the "gear shifter" to work and hold the clutch, and use the v-brake lever for the rim brake. I'd like one of these.
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