Hydrogen fuel cell MB?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bikejock, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I just was reading an article about fuel cell cars & motorcycles and thought to myself; has anyone put together a hydrogen fuel cell MB? I know it's kind of an unorthodox/impractical fuel source right now but it might be once it's safer, practical and more refined in the future. I think a motorized bike with a hydrogen power source could travel further than any typical $1,000 E bike currently made. Probably more expensive but it would be lighter because it would just need a tank of the hydrogen fuel with an electric motor and of course the fuel cell the and would not need to rely on those E bike heavy batteries.

  2. troyg

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    I believe the weight/size of the tank required would make it unreasonable.
  3. bikejock

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    How heavy would 1.5 litter tank of hydrogen weigh and how far do you think it could travel to be practical?
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    I gather the tank itself could be small, but all the stuff, on a vibro machine, doesn't seem wise.How many fittings just to get fuel to the engine?I'm sure it's a far off possibility, but not ever motorbike usable IMO.
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    Thought this design was interesting although I don't know the speed or range

  6. KCvale

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    I seen Helmut up the hardware store last week he was saying something about a hydrogen MB so some people are talking about it.

    Of course people have been talking about using natural gas, propane, alcohol, and steam for fuel for years.
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    Let me play the environmentalists advocate for a minute, I thought to myself a hydrogen MB would basically be an E bike that uses a tank of hydrogen gas instead of batteries (with the fuel cell being a lighter battery alternative in some cases) Batteries weigh to much for practical range and speed and probably do more harm to the environment than a tank of hydrogen ever could. It takes up allot of resources and energy just to recycle those E bike batteries after they expire but a hydrogen vehicle just releases harmless water vapor that probably would benefit the environment more so than recharging or recycling old E bike batteries.
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    It looks like a GREAT idea.Is the pic you posted a production bike or a proto?Post a link, you have me curious, if it's range is as good or better, and it's not too costly to keep up I'd be all over it.
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    I have seen motor scooter prototypes that run on the Hydrogen fuel cell. I'd love to have a fuel cell on my e-bike instead of batteries.
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    Just found out more about it. It's built by two Chinese companies;SHANGHAI PEARL HYDROGEN and CELIMO. It costs well within the price ranges of $5000 to $8000. Its way out of anyone's practical price range unless your "crazy rich." It has speeds of 25 - 30 km/hr and a range of about 60 km.

    Heres a link for more info: http://www.solarbike.com.au/newsletter.php
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    We have had & still do today natural gas & propane cars & trucks here in okla.

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    Doesn't look like a for-sale product, proto and or vaporware.I saw some engineer college kids did something similar, not for the masses in our lifetime.
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    the story i suspect u refer to was kids at usnw here in oz.

    sounded great, but nothing since 5 years ago.?

    the killer was, no compressed hydrogen. they had a way of impregnating it in cannisters of crystals.

    just get a 2$ cannister at the shop for another 120k range. It only put out 100-150w, fine, as intended, to trickle charge a battery.
  14. skyash

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    I made lots of hydrogen generators ezy costs next to nothing but will take your head off if you don't know what you are doing. Get 2 sheets of stainless steel one positive one negative in warter to a battery or power out put it works on eny voltage turn it on see bubbles coming off the steel that's hydrogen put a little dish wash in the warter then light the bigger bubbles on the warter thay bang like a fire cracker don't seal the bottle then light the hose comeing out it will blow I hade 2gram of hydrogen and it exploded the nutaninja hi pressure bottle to little bits dint the wall the roof every thing missed me some how I couldn't see or hear it's like a flash bang I imagine.. Have fun
  15. skyash

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    One I like is a little car that runs on warter some sheets of metal /stuff. That when wet make power $2 kit jaycar/ k mart. Experiment kit for kids
  16. KCvale

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    The last thing we want to do in the desert is run anything on water.
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    Been a while since I came back to this thread but from what I have loosely learned about hydrogen fuel cells is they have been known to get better range than battery electric vehicles & at half the weight. I was toying with the idea of building my own fuel cell & whiring it to a 1k to 2k watt electric motor & bolting it to a bike somehow. But one of the problems is hydrogen isn't easy to come by & I think a permit is required to buy hydrogen.
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    I saw a propane operated scooter, small thing it was, don't K of if it was 2 or 4 stroke, but I don't K of how it could get oil if it were a 2, ran on standard camping propane canisters, kinda cool and easy to get replacement fuel, and they sell those refill valves you can use to fill them back up with, don't know the distance you get from a can though...
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    yay, hydrogen...hard to store, hard to produce, yay...

    yep, we can just run some electricity through water (add some salt/acid/electrolyte and watch the bubbles erupt!) but where do we obtain the electricity from? compress the hydrogen? and hydrogen, being so light and volatile...its pretty hard to compress to the point of liquefication (where as butane/lpg can be decanted into a bowl, then left lying open in the freezer without evaporating away too fast...very low pressure required for rendering it into a nice compact liquid fuel) which is also an issue with another common fuel gas, methane...or natural gas. the pressures involved are ridiculously high. gan get butane/propane/lpg just about anywhere...i am yet to find a source of natural gas though (and au is the biggest producer of it...strange huh?)

    and of course, we also need oxygen for the fuel cell to operate... so now we need to store pure oxygen too.

    cant use atmospheric air, it tends to poison the catalyst that produces the electricity... or detracts from the efficiency of the unit.

    nope...im sold on the batteries, in conjunction with super capacitors and regenerative braking systems for electric drives. hydrogen is just another one of those "exotic" words thats thrown around by uni graduates and every ignorant fool that reads articles in magazines thinks it is the next big thing... they also probably think that deuterium and tritium will increase performance... nope. sorry. just makes water that weighs more than 1kg per Liter.

    plenty of rumours or urban legends of guys running cars on water... ive rescued at least four different types of electrolysis unit from the scrap yard...but none have actually worked as well as was probably envisioned by the creators... (though i wont rule the idea out...)

    (though there is a strange phenomenon in chemistry, where "nascent"(newly produced) hydrogen is FAR MORE REACTIVE than old, bottled hydrogen... something to do with monatomics rather than molecular?)

    what happened to the guy that worked for british leyland that had the idea "if plants can use urine to grow(run) on...why cant i do the same with a car?"
    apparently he succeeded. and that was him, out of a job...never to be heard of again...

    takes the piss out of the joke of the butterfly and the bee driving along and running out of fuel... bee pisses in tank, they keep driving til it runs out of fuel again. butterfly offers to piss in tank this time... "nah, she only runs on BP..."
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