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But if you had a home based hydrogen maker you can pretty much keep it running at home at the price of electricity which has to be cheaper than the price of gas.
NOT at less than 2 percent total system efficiency...:(

Here's the totals...

120VAC to 12VDC: 95%
12VDC to Chemical change in charging Battery: 90%
chemical change in producing 12V to power gas production - 90%
Hydrogen gas production: 5% (giving the benefit of the doubt re pressure)
internal combustion engine efficiency - 50%

Total System Efficiency = .95 * .9 * .9 * .05 * .5 = 0.0192, or 1.92%

This is being generous and using a high efficiency battery charger

Even IF we assume ZERO losses in storing electricity and retrieving it again from the battery (and, we KNOW that batteries aren't 100% efficient, as they get hot when charging and discharging) the electrical, gas production, and engine efficiencies alone are at only 2.4% efficiency...
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hehehe, pardon me while I stick some cotton in my ears to keep my brains from leaking out....OR...you could make a low pressure steam engine? Like the one at :green steam engine. I think it would have merit if you made steam from a solar source, ie: fresnal lens. check it out on youtube.
If anyone of you would like to work in conjunction with me on this project let me know. I'm building one.
Hydrogen Powered Honda?

Is it too soon in the dawn of motorbiking to take it to the next level?

I am not a rocket scientist. Only a motivated, curious guy. Well, for the last 3 1/2 years I have been intensely working on an "on board hydrogen fuel cell" that will run on H2O and a pinch of potassium hydroxide. (NO GAS) I've perfected it to run my Honda GXH50 49.3cc 2.10 hp engine. When running, there is zero emissions. The exhaust is cleaner than the air we breath. My hydrogen fuel cell is constructed through a process of electrolysis. This theory/process is nothing new. Its been around for a hundred years.

My dream for years has been to perfect a fuel cell that could power a single cylinder 49cc without carrying a fuel tank, but only a small water fuel cell, a lawnmower battery, that starts producing "hydrogen on demand" and install it on my bike/car. I cannot get into the exact details of my design, but I will give you a few links to stimulate your minds on what I am doing, and what we all could be doing. Im guessing i'm still a good 2years away from from incorporating this into a bike design. It took me 3 1/2 years to build a small-safe fuel cell that could fuel a 49cc engine on water. (making hydrogen vapor gas). These techniques can revolutionize the future of the auto and motorbiking world. I guess i'm looking for a "thread" of ideas after you watch the videos. Take a peek into my part time world. graucho


Hi Graucho,

My familiarity with hydrogen power is limited to hydrogen fuel cells, thereby using hydrogen as a source of electricity with a higher power density than batteries. Using the hydrogen to power a small internal combustion engine is new to me. How exactly are you using hydrogen for power...combustion? I'd like to learn more about this...it looks like it might fit in well with a course I teach.
Hee Hee happy to say yes, you can. Small 12v deep cycle battery powers my onboard fuel cell for 3 hrs @ 8 amps producing 2.5 liter of hydro per minute....

So are you saying that you are producing 150 liters of hydrogen fuel an hour with that deep cycle battery for a total of 450 liters in a 16 hour battery charge?

So in that first video,those bubbles carry the hydrogen gas?
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No offense meant. To me your a rocket scientist, I'm more of a blacksmith. Keep me posted about your results, I am always looking for better and cheaper ways to do things.
I'm right there with you,RedGreen. It's all so interesting though. My curiosity is screaming for more knowlege.
WOW Groucho! I just went and watched a bit of your you tubes. Just outstanding. Two questions: How much would a setup like that run for a V8 engine? And what kind've mileage do you think a full size Ramcharger could get with a hydrogen/gas mix?
150 liters of hydrogen gas at standard temp & pressure contains the energy to provide about 1/30 of a horsepower for an hour. Or, one HP for about 2 minutes.
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Yup, to all the nay-sayers I know these things are true....

* You cant strike two rocks together and make fire.
* The earth is flat.
* Current running through a thin wire cant make light.
* You cant talk into a devise through a wire .004" to someone around the world.
* You cant sit in your living room without wires and communicate with people around the world about bikes.
* No way you can run a 35cc engine without gasoline for the fuel.
* Theirs no way someone will spend 4 years of their life on something that dosent work to be rid of the oil sucking beasts.
Yup these things I know to be true.

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