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Mayday Note: I am interested in e-bikes, though they are impractical in my situation. I keep coming across items, thought I'd just keep them in one thread and stay out of your more knowledgable conversations. 5/1/07 bgg :cool:

wingo395 e-mailed me a link today:

Subject: Hydrogen power bike


A hydrogen-powered bike sounds like a Cub Scout project from the 23rd century, but there's a good chance such a vehicle will hit the roads later this year in Canada or China.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is readying an electric bike that gets its energy from a hydrogen fuel cell rather than a rechargeable battery, according to Taras Wankewycz, co-founder and vice president of Horizon. The company is talking with government officials in both countries to get these bikes out in 2007, he added.

"About 10 million electric bikes in China get sold every year and the lead acid batteries get discarded all the time," Wankewycz said.

The company is also trying to prime interest for hydrogen-powered fishing boats, mini-cars, golf caddies and toys.

Rather than try to develop hydrogen cars, Horizon is attempting to keep the idea of hydrogen power alive by showing how fuel cells can power smaller items.

It's a long article you guys would be interested in, and I sincerely believe MB.com would be qualified to review the products.

Don't you?

Here's Gary's letter btw:

Hi Paul,

Hope this finds you well! It's been awhile.. Need to get back into
I rode my GEBE bike to work for the first time since winter left and
five days later was diagnosed with a 12" blood clot in my leg, so no
riding for awhile dammit.

Fill me in on the latest happenin's!

USA Today (Mon 4/23/07) in the Money section talks about Lee Iacocca's new book. The paper edition had a photo of him in 2000 riding an electric bike, but the online article didn't.....

He's also spent his post-auto years trying unsuccessfully to market an electric bicycle for retired baby boomers. Trying unsuccessfully - using $7 million from General Motors (GM)- to develop neighborhood electric cars for retirement communities. Investing in Koo-Koo-Roo, a chain of chicken restaurants


I'll bet there is a chapter of this book re: electric bikes, scour the libraries, he could be a celebrity MB.com member if we can get some details.
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